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$18,000 CryptoCurrency Account Tests Popcorn Trading Strategy

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  • $18,000 CryptoCurrency Account Tests Popcorn Trading Strategy


    I've made more than $1000 in the last week following your 1,2,3 bottom/1,2,3 top plans along with the strategy from your recommended Phantom Of The Pits book. (Haven't finished the book yet, but getting there).


    I love hearing success stories from others trading this method! So awesome I can pass forward strategies that have made such a difference in my life! Congrats, and all the best in the draw today!?

    Bas Bisschop

    Dear Doug, I am very inspired by your videos. Thanks a lot. Studying your 'free' materials every day to broaden my understanding. I have a question related to the timeframe of the charts that you use to identify the bottom formation patterns. Sometimes in your videos you use a 4h chart, sometimes a 12h chart and sometimes the daily chart. The candles vary among these charts. So do the EMA's. Hence my question to you is what timeframe you use for which specific type of trading? I could assume u use a daily chart for long/term trends and the smaller the timeframe of the charts, the more of a daily trade it becomes? Please let me know! Appreciate it massively And since I have 0 litecoins at my disposal currently, here is my address: LYfTpFFzAicHWupW5hxzCdakRFnDTaEo3d -> I might be lucky as well ) Thanks again! Have a good one!?

    Thank you so much for the kudos and the awesome question! Sometimes the questions below my videos are more valuable the video itself!
    The 1-2-3 formation begins when the price hits a new low - and it can be seen to unfold in the minute charts, and a bigger formation in the 15 minute bars, later a bigger formation in the daily charts - and if you look at silver prices using the monthly bars and step back to view the market from 1980 to now... you'll see this formation. So my preferred 'action' view is the 12 hour bars on cryptos so it provides me a three month view of the recent downtrend, but then the theory is, I zoom in and out to find the precise moment when the 1-2-3 breaks higher, the EMA's cross over for my trade entry. - thanks again and good luck with these markets!! Exciting days ahead!?

    brendan Butler

    What do you think the selloff before the buyup on some of the major altcoins at the no fork anouncment means?

    Hi Brendan - I think there was a lot of panic. And now that we have a few days of history between the NO FORK announcement and now, it's easier to see which of these markets have been making stronger bottom formations and which are edging to break some moving average crossovers... all eyes forward now - even though this bottom could take a couple months yet to change directions and verify if we are going to trend, or just range.

    Angel Rodriguez

    awesome videos im new to the space looking forward to more videos can i ask you what do you think about pot coin?


    Thanks for the note Angel - I monitor all the coins on Poloniex daily, and I make at least weekly video reviews of all the coins.. and I trade a specific chart pattern. There are coins I prefer because of the tech, but I'm more a technical trader - so I have to admit that I don't know enough detail about the POT coin project to comment on how they are doing, if they advocate for cannabis law reform, nor if their technology provides some game-changing benefits...
    I just look at the chart and see a 1-2-3 bottom formation breakout after surges of buying volume... and I'm like a moth to a flame - I must trade that pattern and get ready with my risk control rules if I am not correct...?

    Shepard Skywalker

    I hope the popcorn trading works out for you! Seems promising


    Thanks Shepard - I've been doing this strategy with success for a while. It started with I researched a public Pump and Dump group on BitcoinTalk forum... I made a spreadsheet of their claims, then checked the charts... and was rather pissed to find out I had been dupped by one of their market moves, and was bag-holding one of their dumps... still waiting for the chart to go back up again. After reviewing over 40 published exploits, the chart patterns were obvious. So - I set out a net in advance. I bought into the coins they had pumped twice before, and that were now quiet and low... I set out my sell orders below the previous pumps - and left things to sit. Within a couple months a few winners paid for all my bets. I sold out of my strategy. Later I double checked, and would have make much much more if I would have left this Pump and Dump net strategy in place!!?


    43:30 Urgh don't remind me.. still crying about all the Crypto's I could've bought( and should've bought more off) that where below 100 satoshi mark from a year or two ago and are now sitting at 1k-10k satoshi..
    Should've, Would've, Could've is what most (if not all) traders will say at one point.


    Indeed. That is part of the reason I created a second, linked trading account in Poloniex. My main account is for active trading... my first linked account is a buy-and-hold-for-3-to-5-year strategy... so if something does go 10x and 10x again... at least I have a little of it!! Many thanks for watching and commenting!!

    Jaco Leostale

    Hi Lumbridge, I know you focus only on Technicals charting and stuff, How about the fundamentals? Do you think there will come such a time when there's a lot of ICO's coming out that cryptocurrency will start to saturate. should we keep track on the market cap of the whole crypto currencie?

    Hi Jaco - this is a great question. I don't do ICO's and here's why: Most of them are white paper ideas with a great team - and the actual tech still has to be built. During this time... if the project has enough merit, Poloniex or Bitfinex will list it. After it is listed and the project development continues... there will be boring times while they build... nothing for investors to do. A few sell out, other see profits shrinking, they sell out... prices go soft. Then the project gets near a milestone - and even before the news is out, the chart pattern will show the change in sentiment - it will be making a bottom formation and there will likely be some spikes of buying volume.
    THAT is when the ICO comes into my targets as a potential trade.
    Yes - keep an eye on the overall market cap - take some screenshots because next year it will be 10x where it is now?


    Absolut great video again. I learn a lot. Greatings from Germany! THX bro

    Maykon Matos

    Very good your videos, I made a good profit in the Clam currency in your previous videos,


    Very rewarding to me when I hear of people making profits!! Woot! I like to teach what I do, and demonstrate with my own money - rather than just providing trade alerts... because it is my hope that you gain these skills and use them over and over as your own! many thanks for the note and congrats on your profits!

    steve nickells

    I've had a few coins just sitting on an exchange often missing some good price spikes, having watched your video I've set some sell orders just as you suggested.


    Happy Dance! That makes me excited! And I can't wait to hear how it works out for you over time Steve! Thanks for the note

    Aaron Wu

    Interesting time to test the popcorn strategy with such a volatile market. What are your kinda middle term, say 6 months goals for altcoins(which ones)? Try riding to the moon before Bitcoin picks up again?


    I have a couple ideas at the same time, so I have a few linked trading accounts on Poloniex. Each has a specific strategy. The account featured here is a hold-for-five-year-plan, and during that time, my strategy is to catch the popcorn moves and re-investing. My other larger account has a more active trading strategy that is not so focused on these popcorn moves. It is a difficult question to answer 'which ones'... but not really important - recall that from March to July of this year almost everything was going up as the trend was on. The trick was to sell out at the right time. We are really lucky to have the past year of price moves up and all the way back again. Next time is starts and finishes, it will be easier to identify all the stages. Many thanks for your comment Aaron.?


    Hi Lumbridge, I was wondering if you have ever gotten into gpu mining or just went straight into trading?


    I started studying my trading method, and wrote my trading plan from 1995 to 1998, traded it from 2008 to 2012 within the game of Runescape - and then from 2015 to now in cryptocurrencies. Only recently started to get into mining because I took some crypto trading profits and bought some rigs to diversify my bitcoin income. I'm still a huge noob in mining and will be doing more of it this winter.?


    Haha yes! I knew that username was familiar

    Headphones Only

    good stuff Doug. what kind of time range do you think LTC will ultimately peak and maybe a price if u wanna? thanks for all the great info man.

    I bought 220 litecoin recently and I'm betting it passes $400 USD each... as for a top, it will be a while yet, and it will breach $1000 each over the next few years.?

    Richard Lampi

    what sort of stratagy would you recommend for and older invester who does not have 5-10 years to play in this market but wants to play without investing a big amount of cash?

    Trading is a fickle business. We can choose when to sew our seeds of investing - but there is no way to predict when we will be able to harvest, if ever. The only answer I know is to keep my bat above my shoulder and be ready to swing my bat when the ball is thrown. That is, I keep watching for those 1-2-3 bottoms - that is where I swing my bat... And then I have to wait to see just how correct I am when I get a good hit. Once I get into a good trade - as I think many of the alts are now... then there is nothing much to do, but watch.

    CEM FX

    Are you ever afraid of a runaway bull market like Bitcoin has become over the year when you initiate your popcorn strategy? Depending on how much you risk could be quite risky! Also what is the best faucets and ways that you have found to gather some free extra coin?

    Hi and thanks for the note - the popcorn strategy here is aimed at catching pump and dumps like we just saw the past couple days with bitcoin cash. It is not the best strategy for profiting from long term bull markets.

    Michel Gerard

    My concern with this strategy is to leave money in Poloniex for a very long time running the risk to get the account frozen, hacked or them shutting down... Am I too paranoid?


    It is a risk. Yet I always have my funds on various places online - Poloniex is my biggest, then Bitfinex, CoinPayment, Bittrex, QuadrigaCX, 1Broker... each of them is a risk... and there is no good to come from worrying! I've lost more from my own poor trades than any hack - high leverage trading or ignoring Rule #1 are a far greater concern for me!

    Jaco Leostale

    Is Crypto really the next big thing?
    There's a lot of challenges it still need to overcome.

    Confirmation and verification of transaction across all cryptos. Is it efficient?

    Globally miners from around the world Bitcoin can only go 4 transactions per second. In my understanding the more time it goes the harder a blockchain transaction can be verified.
    Does forcing you to even increase fees that way you'll be prioritize by miners to mine/verify your transactions.
    I know block chain is a ledger, and if it's really a ledger that collects information from the start and over time that ledger becomes so big it doesn't make sense to spend to much resources to verify every single transactions.

    Think of it this way.

    In early adoption you have a 1 page ledger to trace verify historical transactions.
    It's easy to verify right?
    Now as time goes by with countless of transactions happening.
    You'd arrive at 1M pages ledger for a single transaction.
    Does it still make sense? Can we really scale up?


    I'm betting on it Jaco, and here's why: My grandmother told me the saying 'fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me'. Then I look at what Bitcoin has done in the past few years... ok, it fooled me... I knew it would be big, but was not prepared for how big it is getting... I missed out once. And I'm not going to be fooled again. This time I have some of almost all the best cryptos. And should they do a LITTLE of what bitcoin has done - I will be enormously rich.
    More than that - I have the chance right now - to help others, and make a difference in the world. So I publish videos, created a course, wrote a book and attend daily to a growing community of traders! It really is a great deal of fun! So, I'm not concerned about the tech dilemma, but focused on trading the price moves for profit.
    Many thanks for the note Jaco.?

    Another great video! Does the market or coin rather have to be liquid in order for this trading style to work?


    Many thanks for the note Moe. This method takes an afternoon to set up, and almost no time required to watch the charts... The risk is that your coin never does a good pump... the benefit is, you are there and ready when the volume comes into the market and spikes prices up. My trading is mostly on Poloniex, but this strategy works well in the small market cap coins on Bittrex... sometimes even better!!?


    hi can you please provide the name of that video game you mentioned the one where you practiced doing trading...thanks?


    you bet, I'm happy to share the game - it is Runescape - you'll find many videos online about how to 'merchant' on the Grand Exchange. You can see how I started practicing to trade cryptos some eight years ago!

    KB GFX

    How much was your first deposit in Crypto?

    My first Crypto earnings were tips! I deposited $15 of bitcoin into Bitfinex back in... January or February 2015. By July of 2015 I had traded and earned my way up to $500 worth of bitcoin and alts. By July of 2016 I had traded my way up to $5000 worth of bitcoin, and then through 2017 my account passed $200,000. Through that time I've run the course on my trading methods six times.

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    Paul Roeleveld

    Thanks for all your videos. Learning different strategies.


    Thanks Paul. I started learning this strategy back in March of 1995, and much of my strategies comes from books written about stock trading in the 1920's and 1940's - completely amazing to me that it all works so much the same... but it IS about human nature of fear an greed, not just about the world-changing tech of cryptos?

    Paul Roeleveld

    It is a lot of information to process. Just started drawing the lows to identify higher lows. The tricky part is finding the right entry point. Could your course help me with that? To learn to see these points? Thanks!?


    The course is actually my written trading plan - expanded and improved over the years. It comes with lifetime access to the private forums and live chat... and I also do these long market scan videos for the private group once each week minimum, and often more. I am biased - but yep - I'm very confident in what our group has become over the past couple years!?

    Jamie Galves

    You are the most eloquent of all the traders I follow. Could you tell me how you keep up with all the different coins. A system maybe of how you study them?


    Many thanks Jamie! I am honored! - I keep up with all the coins first by limiting my trading to Poloniex, a few markets on Bitfinex and the commodities markets on 1Broker. Then, I scan all these markets daily - at least once per week, I create a complete videos journal of my thoughts on all of the charts, and post my trades to my private trading journal and community. This keeps me sharp, and learning all the time. Best thing for me is that I can go back and review exactly what I was thinking about a market a some time in the past... I have counted and categorized my trading mistakes and my best successes so that I can trade better and better all the time.
    Just like the character in the book Robinson Crusoe - I am working as hard as I can to make my life as easy as possible. and JUST by sharing my work - I hope to make a difference in the lives of other people that I would never have a chance to meet! What a great job!?

    Jay P

    so if your a beginner just buy bitcoin consistently and just put in thos exchanges and it will grow was it?


    Thanks for the note - be sure to watch for the video series on this week - I'll provide the first steps for a new bitcoin/crypto investor.. and I'll share exactly what I did for a friend of mine. It is a good time to get in, but there is no need to take big risks or to go wild - there is lots of time to dollar-cost-average and slowly add a few dollars more each month. Start small, make a lending strategy account for more than 50% of your crypto investing, then practicing small sized trades and focus on measuring your percentage gains rather than the amount of profits. By focusing on percentages when you are small, you will not be freaked out when you are doing $40,000 trades in the future because it will just be a percentage of your overall holdings...?

    Beckys Young

    my only question is, if you could only hold 5 coins. Which would they be?


    Maidsafe, StorjX, Golem get my attention because they are distributed computing systems that will enable me to grow computer farms that will heat my house and earn money... then I have a damn hard time narrowing the last two from all the amazing tech - Litecoin and Lisk I guess for now.
    That was a tough, short question!!

    Coin Star

    Great idea, to have the comment give away! And I like how you only give Litecoin. I think it helps to promote LTC and get it out there to the crowds.


    Thanks for the note! I am giving away LTC because it will be going up 10x in the next year... and it's always nice to get something that goes up in value! ;-)

    Joshua Griste

    Wow this was something new to me thank you so much,

    Thanks for the note Joshua! It is fantastic to me that I get to share this info and potentially help people I could never have met in person! Be sure to let me know of your successes! that is the FUN part!!

    Gary Yip

    Thank you for sharing, you are a good teacher. I hope to learn lots from you. I can see how organized you are. Thank you for all your hard work.

    Many thanks Gary! I am so very fortunate to focus on studying and trading cryptos full time! It has been a passion of mine since 1995, but wasn't until I could start off with micro-trading with bitcoin and cryptos... and build my way up - that I could really put all my studies about trading into practice! Very excited to share these strategies and hope to hear of your successes!

    Rob Thomas

    Thank you for explaining how to set these trades up. I was thinking and making some trial sale points on my own, but I like your strategy much better.

    1 week ago
    6,387 subscribers
    Many thanks for the note Rob! This strategy came about after I carefully studied the published exploits of a Pump and Dump group on Bitcointalk. This video may explain more about how this 'popcorn' strategy came into being

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