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The many aspects of Bitcoin

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  • The many aspects of Bitcoin

    When I need to learn something, I write a blog about it.

    With Bitcoin, there was so much to learn, I created a special section on my website about how to get bitcoin, created a new channel about Bitcoin Trading on YouTube, and much more.

    After creating well over 100 video trading journals and fielding so many questions, I started to organize my old trading plan and adapt the best principles to work with what I have observed over the past year of trading digital currencies.

    One night, while reviewing the overall trading plan, I created a point-form step by step sequence of the whole plan. That simple list played on my mind for a week, and finally I had to flesh out more detail for each step in the sequence... the sequence of learning to bring a new person into bitcoin and into trading and investing bitcoin and other currencies.

    Then I wrote a long blog post about all the steps - and finally I expanded each step into a video tutorial lesson about Bitcoin and Digital Currency Investing and Trading. Their are eight lessons, organized into weekly tutorials on Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading with homework to accomplish between the weekly lessons.

    Fourth Generation Bitcoin Trading Lessons Starting in July 2016

    This July we start the fourth time through this course - and it gets better every time!
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