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Finding The Best Graphics Cards for GPU Mining

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  • Finding The Best Graphics Cards for GPU Mining

    MSI R7 370 GPU Mining Card is in the top three picks when IMineBlocks did a test on YouTube to find out which is the best graphics card for mining digital currencies like ethereum, monero, dash and many other cryptocurrencies.

    And one of my top picks as I consider what to install on my computer so I can start GPU Mining.
    1. The first thing to consider is the hashing rate measured as ‘mega-hash per second’.
    2. The second factor is the power consumption – how much power is the actual graphics card going to consume per hour?
    3. The third factor is initial cost – how much it’s going to cost us to buy the graphics card?
    4. Another important factor – what are your cooling conditions? Do you live in the arctic, or in the tropics? Will you require additional air conditioning because of the heat produced by your GPU mining cards?
    GPU Mining Cards

    The new Digital Currency Mining Equipment section on lists a great mid-range GPU Mining card - a moderately more costly but more efficient graphics card - and some extreme performance cards that may need testing to determine how long it will take to achieve a return on investment.

    Some benchmarks show the low cost GPU mining card runs at 15 megahash per second with a very low power consumption at just 110 watts. Higher end graphics cards may require more than 1000 watt power supply for optimal performance.
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    brilliant post doug, just what i needed to look at
    i have always wanted to start mining for the long term, lets say 2 years or so. i think XMR would be my main target to start of with as i think it will gain big value in the future.
    im looking more towards the R7 370 as its cheap and im just a beginner that has no proper knowledge of mining, yet


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      Thanks CoinTrader - This research started because I have a good computer, and just by adding a mid-range graphics card, I can start another way to passively earn more digital currency - that I will set out for lending on Poloniex, and passively grow with compound interest.

      I'll be taking my computer to a local shop and get the tech fellas to suggest a graphics card that will be compatible, then I'll purchase something in the $300-$400 range - preferentially one of the cards on my checklist, but whatever they have is what I'll be starting with... and report on the hashing power and earnings.

      Once I'm set up, I'll detail the differences between mining for the easy to use Minergate Pool - and mining with the NiceHash Miner that optimizes for best profits and pays you in bitcoin.

      I have been networking with the local Meetup Group - one guy has a computer shop and does mining himself. So I'll buy my gear from him and have someone I can bug for help once in a while!

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