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Where To Buy An Ethereum Mining Rig

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  • Where To Buy An Ethereum Mining Rig

    Complete GPU Mining Rigs with software installed, ready to mine and programmed to restart mining automatically after a reboot or power outage.

    The only place I've found online is an online mineshop run by Guntis Vitolins. He demonstrates how his GPU mining rigs are built on his channel on YouTube, and much of his information serves as the basis of my preparation to start mining monero, dash, ethereum and others.

    Read my blog post - How to build your own GPU mining rig.

    Ethereum Mining Rig Equipment Shop

    All of our ethereum mining rig research is being shared across the social platforms, and we've started building a collection the top recommended equipment that the digital currency mining specialists are recommending and demonstrating in various youtube video tutorials, how to articles, and popular bitcion forum posts.

    Deep research goes into gathering tips from customer reviews under the best selling and top rated products for sale on Amazon - and only add the best to our collection of recommendation.

    These CPU Mining Cards and CryptoCurrency Mining Components are exactly what I will be using to build my own DIY Ethereum Mining Rig. And I share my research - the preparation and planning that I'm doing before I start the build.

    Before I start my own build, I want to have every bit of knowledge that I can find.

    Watch for our video journal of my journey down the rabbit hole of mining ethereum and other crytpocurrencies.
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    would you believe it i was about to post here that, i was looking at there website 2 days ago and i was surprised to notice that they are based not to far from where i live, about 1 hour drive
    i am going to have to get some coin together and look about buying a rig for the long term.


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      I ordered the EVGA GeForce Graphics Card from Amazon and expect to be sharing data on about the 10th of January!

      Started with a small card that I know will work with my present desktop, and not require additional power supply. In the meantime, I'm preparing to buy the gear and build a 6 card GPU setup. Should one of my bigger holdings moon - I'll take profits and buy the mining rig parts!
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        yes sure, let us know how that card performs. im in the same boat and waiting for some of my holdings to rise and sell some out as btc is up. i would maybe see if the guy from mineshop would accept btc and get small rig, i could even lift it personally which would be a bonus. and it would also save me the fee's from selling my btc to fiat, which would be more saving


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          Added another All-In-One CryptoCurrency Mining Rig to the shop on

          MintMiner Mining RigThe MintMiner I produces
          • 160MHs ETH Mining
          • 1500SOLs ZEC Mining

          and The MintMiner II produces
          • 190 MHs ETH mining
          • 1775 SOLs ZEC mining
          MintMiner thread on with Q and A from the Columbus Ohio based manufacturer

          Website for more info -

          We build the rig for you and program it for You. We will install all of the software and add your wallet address and your pool information ahead of time if you wish. We develop a plug and play Mining RIG for you.
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            Started collecting pins of pictures and videos of nice GPU Mining Rigs on Pinterest
            Explore LumbridgeCity's board "CryptoCurrency Mining Rigs" on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas.
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            • #7
              Hello there
              i'm going to buy full mining rig from guntis
              do you recommend?
              Anything to worry about?
              I don't have time to build mine
              and i found this very useful with the cheapest price available
              waiting for your precious replies


              • #8
                Hi, I haven't purchased yet but I'm intending to in next while. I'm waiting to free some coin up first, I'd say he's sound going by his YouTube videos etc. I was email him back and fourth and he seems dead on.

                Which rig you going for?


                • #9
                  Well well that time has come to buy a proper mining rig,
                  ive purchased 6 gpu rig and will be collecting it in person hopefully in next few days


                  • #10
                    I am envious! And really look forward to the photos and stats!

                    I left my computer on mining while I was away for five days - the computer ran 3 hours and crapped out. >.<
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                    • #11
                      Yeah il take some pics and stats, this has been long time coming so I'm really looking forward to it
                      when I get the swing of things I will more than likely add another miner maybe by end of this year.

                      And yes the same happen with me today was out for 10 hrs and it crashed not long after I left. Its happened a few times now and its starting to piss me off lol
                      im thinking of changing from minergate, its to glitchy. Maybe mine on the official Xmr pool.


                      • #12
                        I got the miner
                        i just need to set up a access point upstairs as main router is downstairs.
                        In a day or two I should have all up and running, hands are full at the minute with new baby boy just arrived


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                          Congratulations on the new baby!!

                          I can't wait to see some photos or maybe a video clip of your rig - I'm so wanting to cash in some coin and get a miner!!

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                          • #14
                            Yeah sure ill update all when I have all running , just need to get my access point configured. Never done one before so will be interesting lol. Even the whole mining thing is new to me so il hopefully learn over next months all the mining terminology lol.
                            And you should buy a rig at the right time, with btc rising take advantage of it and invest in a miner, miner will work for you for many years ahead


                            • #15
                              I did it - ordered a Mintminer II today. $3700 total cost with shipping and taxes - paid with 2.6 bitcoin. Should be here in ten days?

                              More excited than a kid at christmas!
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