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Benchmark Your Computer's Mining Hashing Rate

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  • Benchmark Your Computer's Mining Hashing Rate

    After several days of mining monero with my computer CPU, I ran the overall Mining Power Benchmark Test that comes with the free MinerGate download.

    The GUI Miner from Minergate is easy to start and stop. A great first step into mining - I can't wait for my new Graphics Card to arrive next week.

    I'll post a new benchmark screenshot and compare the difference between CPU mining, and just one budget version GPU Graphics Card for a Gaming Computer Console.

    Hashpower - how to quickly check your mining speed:
    • What is the hashrate of my gpu
    • Hash rate calculator for cpu mining
    • How do I test the hash rate of graphics cards?
    • How does my computer compare to average hash rates?

    Now you can analyze the potential mining power of your computer within 1 min. Profitability is constantly changing depending on the average hash rate of the network
    The easiest GPU/CPU Bitcoin miner for Windows - Minergate.
    Quick Test Of CPU Hashing Power Several Days of CPU mining under 60 Hz My first Monero Mining Power
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    haha, i just got back into minergate, i had an account maybe from 1 and half years ago and had somehow forgot about it because it wasn't working properly for me then.
    but ive started mining instantly XMR and Fantom after installing new version of the miner, and i must say im impressed only after 45 min of cpu mining and im getting good rewards
    i will have to look at getting a cheap gpu to add some more fiire power!


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      Click image for larger version

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      not bad for 45 min


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        Click image for larger version

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        bench mark results lol


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          Here are my hashing rate benchmarks after I upgraded my computer with the most basic from the selection of GPU Graphics Cards I researched.

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            quite good, nearly x10 power compared to just cpu. i think all them small bits of xmr will be worth a lot more in few years. im buying small bits of xmr every week when i can and start to mine it in hopefully 2 weeks or so. i just have to go now soon and get all supplies for mining rig and start my adventure, will keep use all posted


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              The town I live in wonders why their economy sucks and why no businesses will move here...

              The past two days I've been trying to get the nicehash miner to work - the first day was trying to get the miner scripts to download without stopping part way through the download... I'm on very bad internet. Current download speeds are 23 kb/s (and the town I live in wonders why their economy sucks and why no businesses will move here)

              Today I got up at 5 am when the internet bandwidth was 700 kb/s - completed the download.

              When I started the NiceHash, my antivirus program deleted the key files and the program crashed. The rest of the next two hours were trying to figure out how to make the antivirus program ignore NiceHash. Finally, after several more downloads and turning off the antivirus, things started to work.

              But - each time NiceHash changed to mining a new algo - boom. Deleted again by the antivirus.

              Now it is 9am, all the kids are online and the town bandwidth is back to 22.9 kb/s - so, I cannot complete the 143 Mb download. I'll have to try again... tomorrow morning... (and the town I live in wonders why their economy sucks and why no businesses will move here)

              Not a lot of helpful information about how to fix the conflicts between NiceHash and my AntiVirus. I tried adding an exception for the nicehash folder, then subfolders, then subfolders in the subfolders - and now I am adding exceptions for individual files. Mixed with the download issues, it is quite a pain in the ass to spend days working to get a $0.50 per day income stream going...

              BUT - it is the first step toward gearing up with more mining machines.
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                that's unfortunate your internet so slow, luckily where i live its super fast. yes setting up exclusions/exceptions is a pain in ass alright, but anti virus is there for a reason. all this mining softwares etc are probably recognised by your anti virus as a threat or something. my anti virus does the same even if i were to open a particular wallet. its a headache lol


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                  I was able to find a way to make the antivirus ask for an exception - rather than deleting the 'threat' automatically... that quickly solved the trouble.
                  Soon after I was mining with NiceHash, I started thinking... and according to my math, I may have a way to increase mining returns by over 400% in the first year!

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	video-increase-gpu-mining-profits.jpg
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                    great way to earn more btc


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                      Here is an updated screenshot on my GPU Miner earnings that I reported in this video today:

                      January 2017 - I'm averaging 0.00056664 BTC per day with this EVGA GForce GTX 1050 Graphics Card
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                        Because I'm mining with the same computer I'm working on - I can notice difference in performance when the Nicehash Miner changes mining algos

                        When mining DaggerHashimoto, I can hardly type or scroll the page - the video card is completely occupied with mining.
                        But when it is mining the Equihash algo - the screen on the computer works like normal.

                        Interesting to learn more about how each mining algo works the card - compared to how much you can make mining each.

                        Mine Many, Get Paid in Bitcoin

                        The NiceHash miner takes care of changing to 'the most profitable' algo, then it converts that currency to bitcoin for the payouts. Simple and easy.

                        Soon I'll be joining mining pools and focusing on earning and collecting many different currencies that I think are worth investing in long term. Mine-and-hold strategy for those new currencies that may have potential to rise 10x in value over the next couple years.

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                          Hi Doug good to see your mining away, maybe just dedicate your gpu to a particular coin that you want to hold long term. E.g. XMR and that will maybe help your desktop, maybe use dedicated pool for XMR. I'm not at that stage yet, getting close though, I just recently got an old desktop back from a relative after 7 years maybe lol. Old vista 32 bit so going to upgrade to win 7. Don't really like win10. I'm going to get a gpu for it, foxconn MB so il have to look into it, size space etc. This old desktop I will just use for dedicated mining, nothing else, so il want a good card, I have 300w psu so il have to do some maths.
                          I have my sights set on building or buying a proper mining rig something with At least few thousand H/s just need to flip some coin and take the plunge into the world of mining.


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                            a Youtuber commented:


                            You should try using one of claymore's miners the latest version and point it at one of nicehash's servers, you would get much better performance and you can also regulate the intensity, incase you want to use your pc during the day!?
                            Many times the comments under the videos are much more valuable than the video!

                            I love it and can't wait to try it out!

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