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Max Kordek on how Lisk is realizing sidechains

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  • Max Kordek on how Lisk is realizing sidechains

    Max Kordek, CEO of, for a discussion on the possible future of Sidechains! Sidechains represent an exciting new opportunity for cryptocurrencies, and Max will be discussing how Lisk is realizing sidechains as well as an overview of their current development.

    Lisk is a decentralized cryptocurrency application framework that lets developers deploy JavaScript dapps on top of their own sidechains. Lisk successfully crowdfunded $5.7 million dollars in early 2016, raising over 14,000 BTC. - for details.

    What is the Lisk Platform?

    Read the Lisk Wiki on GetHub

    Presently $41.9 million market cap, ranking as number 15 on CoinMarketCap. View Lisk on coinmarketcap.

    Lisk SubReddit for current updates

    Twitter account: LiskHQ

    Recent New announcement has made LISK prices soar in middle of March 2017!

    A Library for Lisk Developers. API. Security. Cryptography.

    The article states "Lisk-JS continues to embody these values and provides every developer working with Lisk a standardised set of tools to interact with the blockchain. The Lisk-JS library now contains an API Wrapper, cryptographic tools, helper functions for developers to make their application more secure.

    The newly released Lisk-JS is now set to play a pivotal role in the development of our Lisk user-interfaces and third party applications."

    Additional thinking

    You can power up a VPS on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean or Vultr and use Lisk as the Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform of your choice. Additionally, you can use your Raspberry Pi to build a custom BaaS cluster from your home.
    There is not a lot of information or tutorials about How to build a custom BaaS cluster using LISK,

    One PDF provides the Requirements for Building Your BaaS, but the article references quote sources published in 2010 to 2012... not likely a direct hit but worth of mention so I can find it easily later.

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