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VCash Chart Is Screaming To Burst Higher

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  • VCash Chart Is Screaming To Burst Higher

    Crypto Currency VCash Price Chart Technical Analysis

    Generally I reserve all the best trading alerts and recommendations for the members area of the LumbridgeCity Private Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Trading forums that are not available to the public.

    Most of the time - it is folly to give trade alerts, because most traders don't have a risk control strategy in place before they trade - and they have a specific time-frame they want to attain their profits by...

    With my trading strategy, I spend a lot of time waiting at the bus stop to ensure I'm there to get on when there is lots of room. When people are looking for trade alerts, they are wanting to be flagged - just - before the bus is going to take off. And, if you use a public bus system in a city - you know what can go wrong when you take the wrong bus.

    So anyway - the long term VCash price chart... the entire thing... is a massive triangle wedge.

    Stand this wedge on end... and that is my prediction of how high this will be going.
    • Time frame? cant tell you.
    • When to buy? a couple weeks ago... we flagged it on September 2.
    • Can you still join in?
    If you already have a risk control plan in place...

    Where can you learn more about VCash and what makes it unique?

    Check out the charts and data for VCash on CoinMarketCap.

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    Well - I was right for a while, but I certainly took a hit on this trade as prices on VCash dropped lower out of a top formation, and crashed as low as 3000 satoshi.

    I have no idea what caused this price move. But three days ago, the VCash twitter account posted this update:

    Version 0.5.0 Released

    by John Connor | November 22, 2016 | Development Updates

    Version 0.5.0 has been released. The complete changelog is below. You can download version 0.5.0 here.

    HD Keychain's are now used by default for new installations.
    Added new RPC call "incentive" (see Wiki for more details).
    Bug Fixes
    Added ZeroLedger (SPV+) Client binaries to the wallets page.
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      wowzers - the entire twitter account I quoted here has been deleted.

      I sold out of my VCASH immediately after the crash - took my loss and moved on... if you are still bag-holding - let me recommend you research Phantom of The Pits and learn more about that risk control strategy that is CORE part of the Members area teaching.
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