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Cryptocurrencies are Bottoming While Bitcoin is Topping

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  • Cryptocurrencies are Bottoming While Bitcoin is Topping

    Almost like opposite ends of a canoe that is holding a bit of water - all the liquid flows from one side to the other as the canoe rocks.

    It's pretty easy to predict when water will slosh across the keel, but it's not quite the same with the Bitcoin and Altcoin Teeter-Totter.

    However, there are tell-tail patterns to look for.

    And today... right now this evening... Bitcoin appears to be making a top formation at the very same time that many key CryptoCurrencies are making bottom formations.

    10's of thousands of bitcoin are going to change hands in the next few days. Millions of dollars are going to be made across a range of nine digital currencies.

    But the big numbers are all just hype stats. The really important thing is that anyone can earn the same percentage gains - no matter how small you are starting out.

    If you can take a dollar and turn it into three dollars - that skill is just as important as taking 10 bitcoin and turning it into 30 bitcoin.

    I admit, it's not as much fun, but it is just as important... no actually... I would have to say that turning your first $1 into $3 is even more important... than turning 10 btc into 30 btc because those are the first and most critical steps.

    Those are the steps you had to take on complete faith, without prior success.

    Those early successes will be the memories you look back on, and then nurture and encourage in others when you are passing on the wisdom of how to grow money.

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    This Cryptocurrency trading prediction has been getting a lot more attention as bitcoin prices have been dropping in mid November

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      Btc is rising now, I noticed on c-cex exchange maybe 2 weeks ago there was a sell order for over over 1/4 m dollars @ $701 each, it took just over 2 days for it to be bought up, I'd say btc will maybe reach new highs, who knows.


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        I have been the perpetual bull on bitcoin - and still believe it will go past 4k each.

        Yet I also believe that too many people are bullish. And that bitcoin prices are systematically manipulated.

        Either way, I'm holding my cryptos now because I did not sell at the right time - and now is the wrong time to sell... so - I will wait it out.

        In the meantime, all the new bitcoin coming in from various earning sources... is still being invested into various alts.
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