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Become a consistent, profitable Altcoin Trader

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  • Become a consistent, profitable Altcoin Trader

    You likely already know that being a consistent, profitable trader takes many skills – but the most important component to your success, is your ability to think differently than the crowd mentality.

    It is vitally important that you make independent decisions based on a written plan, and not based on emotion or tips you may hear.

    It is always best to identify when bitcoin, or another digital currency... or any other market, that is building into a potentially exploitable pattern. Look for consistently recurring chart patterns you can identify, and couple that with a healthy stream of trade volume and mark this as one of your ‘potential’ altcoins, or markets, for trading.

    Your largest profits will come from the most unexpected times and markets – the very markets that public chat room trolls will warn you away from… (because you are not doing what the crowds are doing.)
    Are mediocrity and success contagious? Yes.

    Can you learn a skill that someone else is already doing? Yes. You can.

    How do you trade with better traders?
    MIX with them. YOU choose your environment!

    If you want to gain consistent profitability in your bitcoin trading, cryptocurrencies or world markets - you must gain the skills to think on your own with confidence.

    Write your plan. Trade your plan. Journal, Learn, Improve. Repeat.

    LumbridgeCity is the accumulated, distilled and sorted trading journals following years of practicing my simple trading plan - organized into the sequence of lessons I would teach my younger self, if I could go back and give myself direction twenty years ago.

    Each time the course is repeated, I gain the benefit of re-writing my trading plan. I gain the benefit of reviewing the past two months of trading journals. Most importantly, I gain the benefit of questions, comments and trading experiences of the people who have gathered to learn and profit from the unthinkable opportunity that digital currencies now provide.

    To Your Success!

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