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Trading Ardor on Poloniex

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  • Trading Ardor on Poloniex

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    ARDR Ardor

    and now on to ARDOR

    This currency is brand new on Poloniex so it's hard for me to do my kind of trading system on this.

    I don't know but it does look like it's breaking higher from here.

    None of these are my trading patterns that I could do anything with on this one
    Trading Ardor on Poloniex
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    Ardor Trading - Time to invest in ARDR Cryptocurrency? Video created April 1/17


    0:01 ARDR1 2 3 bottom formation
    0:12 here breaking higher but it's because of
    0:15 its brand new chart pattern here I'd
    0:17 have to go and research this coin to
    0:19 find out more about it

    what did I say
    0:21 about it last time?

    been pointed out the
    0:23 one two three bottom and there's not
    0:26 much I can do and the chart patterns
    0:28 shaped like

    that this is my entry point
    0:31 and afterwards I really don't want to
    0:32 jump in here because I don't know if
    0:33 it's going to be breaking higher from
    0:35 here or going down lower

    I don't have to
    0:37 really know the coin to say that this is
    0:38 now staging to go higher and we'll talk
    0:42 about different markets about that

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