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AUGUR Trading - Time to invest in REP Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

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  • AUGUR Trading - Time to invest in REP Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

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    REP Trading - Time to invest in AUGUR Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

    Augur Trading and REP Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 31 2018

    Trading REP, REP charts,

    Augur (REP) explained
    Augur (REP) price chart

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    in today's video on rep coin we are
    going to take a look at the long-term
    price charts to determine if the prices
    might be setting up for a turnaround now
    at the beginning of September 2018

    if we look back over long-term
    history Augur has had some deep deep
    lows as people were selling out back in
    March our beginning of 2017

    we can see
    that we have a classic bottom formation
    here number one point number two point
    number three point and then the breakout
    as the moving averages were crossing
    over and it moved much like much of the
    rest of the crypto currencies in an
    uptrend through the spring of 2017 and
    topped in July before heading into a
    long lazy downtrend

    Augur bottomed in November like many of the
    other coins bottom degan in December
    like many of the other coins and then
    had a run up until January

    we see that
    the long-term downtrend for a couple
    months until April a bottom formation
    again and a run up through May and June
    as everybody was anticipating that the
    altcoins would do the same thing as they
    did the year before

    Augur hit a top
    formation and a more low prices

    market is really interesting because it
    is hitting at such important historical

    I always love to see prices come
    down to historical levels and then to
    make a bottom formation

    so as we're
    zooming in we see here again Augur is
    matching the rest of the crypto
    currencies in that it made a bottom here
    on the 13th of August

    now it hasn't gone
    lower than those prices yet but it
    hasn't given a nice clear one two three
    bottom formation and the moving averages
    on the 12-hour bars haven't crossed over

    I have a 60 period and a
    20-period moving average here when we
    zoom into the one month and we're
    looking at the 4-hour bars it's a lazy
    side channel and the moving averages have
    come close together and then fade it
    apart a little bit

    so Augur is building
    momentum it could be building up for a
    turnaround at the same time that Bitcoin
    and the rest of the cryptocurrencies are
    bottoming out

    but Augur still needs a
    little bit of time for that to mature
    for it to match my trading system

    not in this market I don't own any of it
    but I'm watching it closely and I would
    need it to do a bit of a turnaround more
    strongly before it would give me a buy
    signal to jump in and as it's breaking
    above these levels it's good and as it's
    breaking above in this range that would
    be almost an add-on position there
    depending on the chart formation


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    Augur (REP) cryptocurrency trading
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    Live price chart for REP (Augur) - 1 day bar chart default view
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