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Where to find out more about Bancor (BNT)

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  • Where to find out more about Bancor (BNT)

    Exchange between dozens of cryptocurrencies at the best rate
    Exchange cryptocurrency at the best rate

    What is the Bancor Network?

    Bancor allows you to convert between any two tokens on our network, with no counterparty, at an automatically calculated price. Thanks to built-in liquidity, the future of user-generated tokens is here.

    A new standard for ERC20 tokens that allows smart contracts to connect to a liquidity network, enabling continuous on-chain liquidity throughout the network, without needing to match buyers and sellers.

    Continuous Liquidity: Convert any token at any time regardless of buyers and sellers or trade volume.

    No Counterparty Risk: Buy and sell through smart contracts, no deposits, no exchanges

    The ever growing Bancor Network enables real time pricing, new token discovery, community engagement, unique bounty opportunities and moreā€¦

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    More data about the Marketcap of Bancor

    Where to trade Bancor Token

    Binance is a top volume exchange where Bancor is listed - Poloniex has added support for trading BNT. The Bancor Network Token was activated on June 17, 2017 and serves as the hub network token for the Bancor Network. All tokens in the network can be converted to and from BNT, and thus each other, at a rate calculated by the Bancor Formula.

    More information about the Bancor Network

    Galia Benartzi discusses the launch of BancorX on BloombergTV

    BloombergTV: Let's talk about what's going on in cryptocurrencies

    it's been a rough year for
    cryptos which have fallen almost 70
    percent but even with that route there
    is still plenty of interest in the
    underlying technology that is blockchain

    That tech is used for
    verifying and recording transactions
    which is at the heart of a number of
    these digital coins and is often what
    excites the broader business community
    around cryptocurrencies

    Joining us now Galia Benartzi who is co-founder
    of Bancor to talk about what we're
    seeing here.

    Galia good morning to you
    very good to see you with us.

    The market decline in in prices of cryptocurrencies in general how much is that
    impacting on your business because the
    market last year was very excited about
    cryptos, this year a little less so

    Galia Benartzi: yeah it's interesting from the inside
    perspective it's actually a nice time to
    get a lot of work done. you mentioned it
    it's a hard year and it has been a hard
    year also a great year when some of the
    heat comes out of the markets the
    projects actually work on their products,
    deploy products to the market and gives
    some time to see what these currencies
    and what these protocols can actually do.

    BloombergTV: okay in terms of bank call then the
    business that you co-founded how much
    money is left from your ICO from your
    initial coin offering? update us there a
    little bit

    Galia Benartzi: so it's hard to say on any
    given day... as you mentioned the
    prices go up and down and the project
    attracted one hundred and fifty three
    million dollars worth of ether at the
    time this was June 12th of 2017

    most of the projects or the ICO's, as you know, raise their capital in
    cryptocurrency and so the amount of that
    cryptocurrency is also volatile just
    like you say. yeah it depends which what
    you measure it in

    BloombergTV: I suppose so - what
    what do you think about ethereum's
    current technology you've recently made
    some announcements around ethereum and
    around EOS update us on your thinking
    around a theory.

    Galia Benartzi: so banker
    just launched a new product called BancorX which is actually our conversion
    technology across ethereum and the new
    platform you mentioned called EOS

    both of these platforms are very interesting
    and for very different reasons and both
    of them have attracted a lot of
    developer interest folks that are making
    currency are making protocols on top of
    those platforms

    EOS is very interesting both because it
    so much capital to deploy actually to
    those developers and help them build on
    the platform and also because it has
    incredibly fast transaction speeds and
    low transaction costs for users in fact
    nearly free.

    ethereum of course is very
    interesting because it's been around now
    much longer there are hundreds of
    millions of dollars already deployed
    into that space and into development
    onto that platform and it also plans to
    solve its scaling and cost issues for
    users over time

    BloombergTV: what kind of response to be had to Bancor (BNT)X then? this uniting of these two powerful global infrastructures what kind of reaction does that mean ?

    Galia Benartzi: the response has been
    incredible what Bancor (BNT) actually does is
    allows tokens to be converted in a very
    frictionless way outside of exchanges
    without any fees.

    Bancor (BNT) is a
    not-for-profit and so it creates an
    exchange infrastructure which actually
    allows tokens to be converted from one
    to the other without some of the
    problems we know plagued exchanges.

    I think Bloomberg actually just reported
    on tremendous problems with fake volumes
    and price manipulation in exchanges of
    course we know these problems from stock
    markets as well in crypto they're
    exacerbated by the anonymity and the
    lack of regulation

    Bancor (BNT) actually automates the conversion
    process and takes away some of the
    manipulation challenges

    BloombergTV: so you think you've got a bit of a solution to the
    amount of fake trading we see here?

    this is a big problem and as you
    pointed out more than half the daily
    cryptocurrency trading volume appears to
    be fake

    Galia Benartzi: it's fake. Bancor (BNT) completely
    it eliminates this problem because every
    trade is actually done against a smart
    contract which is a computer program
    that can't be colluded with

    so every buyer is matched to the smart contract
    and every seller is matched to the smart
    contract at algorithmic prices it
    actually prevents the problem completely
    of a buyer and a seller being able to
    collude on a price or a buyer and a
    seller actually being the same person...
    that is the problem with fake volumes
    that we see

    It's a fundamental change in how we can do trade.

    we can do trade like this in
    cryptocurrencies, we can also do it in
    our stock and asset markets.

    it's a modernization of a technology that
    we've been using for hundreds of years
    asset exchange between people and it can
    now be automated and made much more efficient and safe

    BloombergTV: what's next for Bancor (BNT) then?

    Galia Benartzi: so Bancor (BNT)
    will continue to expand across every
    blockchain that is interesting and where
    tokens are being created

    another big initiative is around a very hot topic
    which is stable coins the problem with volatility as we know
    in currency is that we don't like to
    shop with money that is volatile just
    like we don't shop with our stocks we
    don't shop with our Apple stock or our
    Google stock and we don't know what the
    price of it will be in so we don't
    really know how much we should be paying
    for anything

    the same problem exists in
    cryptocurrencies - as long as the prices
    are volatile folks don't actually want
    to use these coins in commerce or even
    to use the products that they're
    intended to power

    once we have more stable cryptocurrencies we can actually
    start seeing their real power which is
    to be used in commerce and in

    BloombergTV: ok Galia thank you very much
    for joining us good to get your thoughts
    this morning

    Galia Benartzi is the co-founder
    of Bancor (BNT)

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