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BAT Trading - Time to invest in BAT Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

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  • BAT Trading - Time to invest in BAT Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

    BAT Trading and BAT Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 29 2018

    in this video we're looking at the price
    of Bitcoin versus BAT the basic
    attention token as listed on Poloniex
    we can see here we're looking at the
    four-hour bars and there's not a lot of
    data so what I'm gonna do is go over to
    Binance and take a look at BAT Bitcoin
    over a long period of time

    so here on behind ants we can see
    that the basic attention token has been
    trading for a while and it's been
    trading in a range as Bitcoin has been
    fading off basic attention token has not
    faded off as much

    now the important
    thing to zoom into is this last little
    while as many of the altcoins have made
    lows on the 13th and 14th of August just
    as basic attention token did and we see
    a real nice capitulation low here and
    then potential 1 2 3 bottom formation
    shaping up

    we can see that the moving
    averages on the 12-hour bars has not
    crossed over yet and hasn't given me my
    trading signal but because we can zoom
    in on the 4-hour bars we can see that
    this moving average has crossed over a
    little bit here at the same time that
    bitcoin is showing strength

    it could be
    a time that the basic attention token
    might be breaking out and for my own
    trading I'd be looking for a break above
    these levels especially out of this long
    term low out of a capitulation low and
    creating this triangle formation

    all of
    these things add up for me to be a time
    to be watching this market

    especially important when we see that
    all of the cryptocurrency markets are
    making a long-term low right here
    and any of these currencies and tokens
    that are making these formation shows
    that there's something going on behind
    them in the markets

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