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Trading Bitshares on Poloniex

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  • Trading Bitshares on Poloniex

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    0:00 bitshares really took the killer here
    0:04 when it launched bitshares 2.0 and we've
    0:07 been seeing this down trend whoops sail
    0:14 all the way along

    here it's going to
    0:24 pretty narrow range this last while so
    0:26 when we zoom in now we go to one month
    0:29 view so it's in the four
    0:31 hour bars we can see how this
    0:33 trend line has been broken at the
    0:44 same time that we have a 1 2 3 bottom
    0:48 formation right at the same time

    so and
    0:53 this is not your normal bottom
    0:55 formations let me distract this not your
    0:57 normal bottom formation because I mean
    1:00 that the ones that I looking for him
    1:01 because I'm looking for the one that
    1:02 historically significant levels and then

    1:06 so now we're fighting our way
    1:10 above these historically significant
    1:12 levels this is not a buy signal for me

    1:14 it's not a market that I'm going to be
    1:15 getting into one year you

    I'm going to
    1:21 do a couple predictions not get in this
    1:23 one so I'm going to predict that it's
    1:27 coming back down and it will retest that
    1:30 and then I predict it's going to be
    1:33 retesting these levels in the next month
    1:42 and that's about it

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