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Twelve Months of Bitshares Cryptocurrency Price Predictions

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  • Twelve Months of Bitshares Cryptocurrency Price Predictions

    From March 2016 to March 2017 the price of the Cryptocurrency Bitshares (BTS) rose by over 1000% - and then declined almost back to the lowest prices. Again in December 2017 the prices hit a low of 1600 satoshi and within weeks hit a high of 6200 - representing a 380% increase in price... before sliding back down to former lows in March of 2018.

    Month By Month Price Chart Analysis

    The Month by Month Bitshares Price Predictions use basic technical analysis to review the our Simple Trading System buy and sell signals, and also include price predictions as made throughout the year.

    Commentary provides some perspective on the authors trading bias - and can be helpful in gaining a longer term perspective of how cryptocurrency markets have performed in the past. Especially helpful at this time as Cryptocurrencies have gained world wide investor interest and at the same time, prices of most cryptos are at or near historical lows.

    Bitshares Market Cap

    The market capitalization chart of Bitshares Coin shows an important change over the past year.

    More About Bitshares

    You can find out more on the Bitshares Reddit and follow announcements on Bitshares Twitter account.

    Check out the new Bitshares Committee Website for the latest information.

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    Bitshares 1 year prices with Bitcoin in blue - from March 2017 to March 2018
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