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Trading Burst on Poloniex

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  • Trading Burst on Poloniex

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    Transcript from YouTube Video:

    0:00 one year chart on burst is not that fantastic but
    0:05 when you go to a longer term view on
    0:07 burst this chart looks fantastic to me

    0:09 so if i go back to my straight old
    0:15 drawing tool this was really catching my
    0:21 eye this really caught my eye but i
    0:24 didn't sell out any of it here and then
    0:27 as it was doing this it's really caught
    0:29 my eye and i bought into a bunch and
    0:31 then I because i bought in here so i
    0:34 bought him here as it came back down to
    0:38 this price it was i was going into a
    0:40 negative

    well Rule Number One kicked in and I
    0:42 liquidated my position and put into other
    0:44 things

    I bought more into BURST again
    0:47 that i'm holding some right now so i'm
    0:51 thinking that this is actually a far
    0:57 larger bowl shape in the making right now

    1:02 so here's our bottom
    1:06 formation back here in 2015 and i was
    1:12 trading this back in 2015 now the wise
    1:15 person in 2015 would have purchased in
    1:17 at this price of 10 satoshi

    one bitcoin now would be worth ten bitcoin

    and it's going to be worth a great deal more

    so here it is
    1:32 123 bottom formation mom and slow two
    1:36 months of time and then it started
    1:37 edging higher again months of time than
    1:43 is edging higher again this is now
    1:46 through that phase from october to
    1:49 December maturing 123 bottom formation
    1:52 and broke out

    so I'm really keen on this

    1:55 one I think it is up to the prediction
    1:58 forecast
    2:07 in within the next three months it's
    2:11 going to triple in price so let's at 135
    2:15 two three four yeah 600 within the next
    2:21 three months 90 days
    Trading BURST on Poloniex
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