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  • Trading Bytecoin on Poloniex

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    BCN Bytecoin

    YouTube Transcript:

    0:00 one year chart of BCN and really... it's at historical lows... if you want to put a satoshi or two into it...

    0:14 it's not making the bottom formation is showing that it's doing any strength here so

    0:17 i am not doing a screenshot and i'm not recommending that that market the one that's moving

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    Bytecoin Trading - Time to invest in BCN Cryptocurrency? April 1/17

    0:00 bytecoin: I really got nailed on last
    0:04 time I didn't see this coming at all

    0:10 back in the 25th it was not in my radar
    0:14 at all but when it did explode I did
    0:17 have some in a different account and i
    0:19 sold that out at 25 it went up further
    0:22 off after that but i was very happy to
    0:24 have more than doubled my money on that
    0:26 trade because I got in it 12 some long
    0:28 time ago

    so even though i got in this
    0:31 trade i was holding a loss for the
    0:33 longest time just by leaving sell orders
    0:36 up above the market... when it does spike
    0:38 like this - for I don't know what reason -
    0:40 then you're in position to profit from that

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