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CVC Trading - Time to invest in CVC Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

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  • CVC Trading - Time to invest in CVC Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

    CVC Trading and CVC Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 29 2018

    Trading CVC, CVC charts,

    CVC explained

    CVC price chart

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    in this video we're going to review the
    price chart of civic coin as traded on

    we can
    see the here it's got short history
    compared to some of the other coins we
    see a downtrend until December of 2017
    and like many of the old coins we saw a
    strength and a rise until the middle of
    January and prices have been on a pretty
    much a steady downtrend all the way
    through 2018 until now

    when i zoom into
    the three month view and we're looking
    at this price chart we can see some lows
    on the 13th and 14th of august like many
    of the altcoins and like Bitcoin

    now bitcoin is showing strength and this
    is showing a nice classic one two three
    bottom formation shaping up a very nice
    triangle formation and the moving
    averages are getting closer together

    if we zoom into the one month view so that
    we're seeing the four hour bars, we can
    see that the moving averages have
    crossed over and as prices break above
    this triangle and above this bottom

    it could be that Civic coin is
    following along with the trend in
    Bitcoin now and may be ready to do
    another one of its relatively large
    moves as it did back in December of 2017
    until January

    lots of room in this
    market for upward motion and I really
    like to see this bottom formation after
    we can see a couple of these big candles
    to the upside showing that somebody is
    buying swaths of this coin

    interesting market and I'm keen to be
    watching it I am indeed trading this
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    Live Civic Coin Price Charts - default view set to 1 day bars
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