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Trading Clams on Poloniex

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  • Trading Clams on Poloniex

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    YouTube Transcript

    0:00 clam, you'll know, that I've been fond of
    0:05 for a long time and it may be mistaken
    0:06 fondness after it's laying flat like
    0:09 this for so long. What I look for
    0:11 for those bottom formations it was such
    0:14 a pumped coin back in the day

    it really
    0:17 got a lot of favor and then I don't know
    0:20 why it lost his favorite is because
    0:22 somebody found a whole bunch of coin
    0:24 that was and then I know

    it just is not
    0:28 logical to me that it went down this
    0:30 much until I found out that one of the
    0:33 big gambling sites that was using this
    0:35 currency stop using it okay no wonder
    0:39 it's got no usage for it anymore

    it was
    0:41 one of the few coins that was getting
    0:43 traded heavily because that we used in
    0:45 the gambling site

    so now I own some of
    0:48 this stuff but I'm and it is kind of
    0:50 making my formation and on a breakout it
    0:53 may do better but I just don't have the
    0:55 same feeling for this coin as I did in
    0:58 the past so I gotta say it does have now
    1:01 k 1 2 3 bottom formations so if i go
    1:04 here 12 it could be making a 3 here so
    1:22 then on a break above this line it would
    1:26 be a buy

    but i don't really have a
    1:33 prediction of where it's going to go
    1:35 maybe back up to the best level for a
    1:38 temporary thing

    1:40 maybe in the next two months it'll make
    1:45 it back up to this level and i'll
    1:47 probably do it in a quick scurry that's
    1:51 where i'd be looking to be taking my
    1:54 profits now
    Trading CLAMS on Poloniex
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