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  • Trading Dash on Poloniex

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    DASH Dash Prices on Poloniex

    YouTube Transcript From Video

    0:00 one month view one two three top
    0:04 violation so for me this is a sell
    0:08 already when I see these kind of
    0:10 formations setting up

    this is the
    0:13 confirmation to the sell this is the
    0:15 maybe sell part of the position and
    0:17 sell the rest of the position as it
    0:18 breaks down the lowest level but for me
    0:24 it's that's an exit point

    this was an
    0:27 exit point for me here as well so if you
    0:30 had held on to this now all the power to
    0:32 you but it's an exit point and an
    0:33 opportunity to be going short

    0:36 reason that I think it's an exit point
    0:38 is that when we go over to Poloniex
    0:40 lending and we take a look at the dash
    0:43 lending rates

    the lending rates have
    0:49 dropped off which is counter-intuitive
    0:54 because now that it's topping out you
    0:55 think people would be going short and
    0:57 using those dash loans to take a short
    1:00 position on but contrary, people take the
    1:03 short positions on the way up and there
    1:06 the interest rates are greatest as the
    1:09 prices are going up

    so that the fact
    1:11 that interest rates have dropped as it's
    1:14 making a top formation is a trading
    1:16 pattern that I have learned over the
    1:18 last while over the last year's doing
    1:22 this here

    and I think she's coming down
    1:28 to the fifty percent level and it won't
    1:34 be long I will be more than six days off
    1:37 time how can I just edit this one move

    1:43 it Wow there we go two weeks

    Trading DASH on Poloniex
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