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DASH Trading - Time to invest in DASH Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

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  • DASH Trading - Time to invest in DASH Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

    DASH Trading and DASH Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 29 2018

    Trading DASH, DASH charts,

    DASH explained

    coinmarketcap of DASH
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    DASH price chart

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    in this video we're going to review the
    price charts of dash to see if it may be
    ready for another huge take off

    when we look at the one-day bars here and we
    look back to the beginning of 2017 we
    can see that prices made a bottom
    formation and then they started to surge
    in March of 2017 and they made some
    fantastic historical highs prices

    crashed down with some big capitulation
    lows here and pretty much ranged over a
    wide range through a volatile range
    throughout 2017 and into 2018 and then
    they've been on a pretty steady
    downtrend all the way through 2018 at
    the same time that bitcoin prices were
    coming down

    when we zoom into the three
    month view we can see some big candles
    to the downside as people are selling
    out of their coins

    prices came down and
    they made a low on the 13th of August
    like many other coins did and then they
    went even lower here on the 21st to the

    recently we're seeing a surge in
    prices and DASH coin it's not making a
    pattern that I can trade yet but it is
    the potential now that it's made
    historical lows it's made a good surge
    up if it comes back and tries to retest
    those lows and then breaks higher from
    these levels this would be the building
    of a buy signal

    for me I'm not really
    optimistic about the privacy coins
    personally, I may be wrong, but I think
    that the privacy coins will be regulated
    by the Security and Exchange
    Commission because the government's can't track the
    transactions and tax you on them

    I think that that'll be good for cryptos
    overall if the privacy coins are
    regulated because then all of the other
    cryptos will gain a level of trust that
    they do not have right now and so

    DASH is not on my monitoring board for
    something to be purchasing I am watching
    for that trading formation
    to show up anyway

    Click image for larger version

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    Live price chart for DASH - default view with 1 day bars
    Trade on Binance - Check out this Crypto Tax Tool