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  • Trading Decred on Poloniex

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    0:00 Decred - I didn't do any trading in this market
    0:02 at all. I was told about it at the
    0:10 beginning of 2017 'it's a really good
    0:12 opportunity' and it just made a big move
    0:14 so i thought... now I can't get into it... and
    0:16 as it made this top formation and came
    0:17 down, I said to myself 'good thing I didn't get into'

    0:19 it but I didn't pay attention to it and
    0:21 I don't know why it is doing this I
    0:24 don't know why

    so I'm not going to do
    0:27 anything in this market its way gone
    0:29 beyond what I can do there's no shorting
    0:31 it so

    high five to everybody anybody who
    0:37 bought into that and I'm just holding
    0:38 onto it knowing what it was about
    0:40 because I was told about it and then
    0:42 didn't go in research I don't know what
    0:44 Decred is about
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