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DCR Trading - Time to invest in Decred Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

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  • DCR Trading - Time to invest in Decred Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

    DCR Trading and Decred Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 29 2018

    Trading DCR, DCR charts,

    DCR explained
    DCR price chart

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    in this video we're going to review the
    historical prices of decreed and to see
    if DCR might be ready for another huge
    move as it's done in the past

    when we
    look back to 2017 we can see a very
    little 1 2 3 bottom formation here and
    then we see a larger 1 2 3 bottom
    formation here and prices really
    exploded from double zero 35 to zero
    point two which is a fantastic move and
    some amazing profits

    there in March in
    April of 2017 prices came back back up
    to June in July of 2017 to match old
    prices and then like many of the cryptos
    were on a long down trend throughout

    many of the cryptos made a bottom
    in early December of 2017 and then made
    another surge through January February
    March and before coming down again

    now unlike many of the other cryptos we see
    another bottom formation and a great
    surge here through May June July of 2018

    the important thing now though is that
    decreed is back to historical levels all the way along here.

    now zoom
    into the 3 month view we can see that
    like many of the other cryptos it's made
    a bottom around the 13th of August

    it's retested that low but didn't break
    it now at the same time that Bitcoin has
    made a bottom and a showing strength
    here this blue chart in the background

    we may be at a time that decreed is
    going to turn around and do one of its
    big moves

    when we zoom in to the four hour
    bars, we can see more clear this 1 2 3
    bottom formation shaping up and that the
    moving averages are now getting very
    close together

    when we see the 60 period
    moving average in the 20-period moving
    average so a break above these levels
    would be very significant at this time
    especially with these historical lows
    that we're at

    decreed a really inviting price chart,
    something that I'm watching closely and
    have invested in actually

    I'm very interested to see how this price chart
    pattern works out in the future
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    Live price chart for Decred coin - default view starts with 1 day bars
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