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Venezuela update: Helping Adicora school kitchen

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  • Venezuela update: Helping Adicora school kitchen

    Venezuela update: Helping Adicora school kitchen

    Here’s some super positive news to brighten your*day:
    The stove / oven has been delivered to Adicora*school!
    The old stove / oven had burnt out and was too old and beyond repair. This was used by the school to provide students with lunches and they’ve been without one for a while now. Not having a working kitchen naturally severely limits their ability to provide nutritious food to the children.
    So, this has just been installed:
    [IMG]*VBMTI2V2tf5PpfWRw4m11w.jpeg[/IMG][IMG]*mubLsB6NG7vGgQHCPasJzA.jpeg[/IMG][IMG]*os8qXA2Epral0zlHeS2kyQ.jpeg[/IMG]Thanks again to the DigiByte community for their generous giving, we’ve been able to get a new stove / oven put in for Adicora*school!
    The DigiByte train keeps on barreling down the tracks at full steam. Development continues. The giving continues. The work continues. The direct impact in peoples lives continues.
    So once again, I want to say to the DigiByte community: We did this. Thank you for your generous*giving!

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