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Trading Ethereum Classic on Poloniex

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  • Trading Ethereum Classic on Poloniex

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    Video Trading Ethereum Classic on Poloniex


    0:00 you know and technical analysis is so
    0:02 much easier than actual trading

    0:06 they are not the same thing at all to
    0:08 look at the chart and talk about it is
    0:09 very much different than actually
    0:12 trading it

    0:15 so here again is the one two three bottom formation there's our 1 2 3
    0:18 bottom formation and buy signal was
    0:21 right there and they never look back
    0:24 once it broke above that thing it never
    0:26 came back and tested it never tested it
    0:28 has just gone up and up and up and up

    0:30 and I can't trade this market either

    0:34 there was my signal and now I just have
    0:37 to watch it and

    I don't have a
    0:38 prediction I don't I'll just watch it if
    0:45 it does come back to these levels again
    0:47 i'll be paying its more of attention
    0:49 since its hit it a couple times and made
    0:51 a significant move off of that
    Trading Ethereum Classic on Poloniex
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