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    Video - Trading Ethereum on Poloniex - March 25/17

    Transcript from YouTube Video

    0:00 ethereum probably a sell signal here again

    0:06 one month
    0:28 text they're very one two three more
    0:39 information there is to buy signal and
    0:44 it never looked back from there hi
    0:47 Lizzie I'm buying it here and sold out
    0:52 till over here I had a good significant
    0:55 amount of a Ethereum at the time but this
    1:00 little bit of wavering here and breaking
    1:03 out of this top formation coming down
    1:04 shook me out of this market of course
    1:08 when you do the 1 2 3 bottom formation
    1:09 like this your stop-loss stayed back
    1:12 until the market makes a position this
    1:17 could have in it so this is a very more
    1:21 patient with it on this market then of
    1:24 course it's taken off like crazy we
    1:26 could have also identified a parallel
    1:30 channel developing here we could have
    1:39 call this a 1 2 3 bottom formation and
    1:47 had a buy signal here on that breakup
    1:57 all of those things were valid reviews
    2:02 of the etherium market in hindsight

    2:05 easy to look at these things in
    2:06 hindsight and point them out they're
    2:07 fantastically easy to do and not that
    2:10 useful except for training and
    2:13 practicing

    so one month view for our
    2:16 charts I call this as a top formation
    2:19 and sold some of my As Ethereum link here
    2:21 and then as I thought break what I put
    2:24 that money back into material and now
    2:26 let's come up and because soon these new
    2:28 news a new highs I'm just holding on to
    2:30 that little bit of etherium for now

    2:32 the 4-hour chart looks good it is a one
    2:36 two three top formation
    2:40 it's a small top formation that there is
    2:42 the sell signal right there there's a
    2:45 one two three top formation there's the
    2:47 sell signal below that of course this is
    2:51 the small little micro top formation and
    2:54 we have to look at it that way in
    2:56 something that is moving this fast
    2:58 that's really tight and

    so you could
    3:02 sell your ethereum now at this top
    3:04 formation

    let's zoom out more one month
    3:08 three months I am on the ticker fifty
    3:16 percent level is going to come back down
    3:18 that heart I couldn't tell if this is
    3:24 going to come down that hard unless i'm
    3:26 looking at bitcoin to see is this going
    3:28 to come up that hard off of this
    3:30 position here now
    3:39 it is an important position here let's
    3:42 go up to the one debut I know it does
    3:50 doesn't problem that was on there what I
    3:58 was wanting to do here is to put in east
    4:01 fibbonacci retracement from the lows
    4:03 in September of 2015 to now

    and we are
    4:07 at the thirty percent level

    I'm thinking
    4:10 bitcoins going to come back to the fifty
    4:12 percent level but not yet it's probably
    4:15 going to come back up to test the
    4:18 thousand seventy levels there again from
    4:21 where it is right now if that's the case
    4:24 then it could be that ethereum drops
    4:28 down as Bitcoin comes up here and then
    4:31 turn the other way again

    so it could be
    4:34 I'm going to make a prediction market
    4:37 here forecast of down and probably
    4:42 people will get a little bit overzealous
    4:46 in the next week and then we'll be
    4:54 new highs again in the next three weeks
    Trading Ethereum on Poloniex
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