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  • Trading Expanse on Poloniex

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    EXP Expanse
    VIDEO - Trading Expanse on Poloniex - March 25/17

    0:00 expense yep i would say expense is
    0:03 moving around this and stuff going on in
    0:07 this market here it is a an ethereum
    0:10 clone before 'ethereum classic' came out
    0:13 I didn't pay much attention to it

    0:15 I did make some great profit off of it
    0:18 here and i'm still holding a little bit
    0:19 of it in my faucet guy account but i'm
    0:23 not doing much with it

    i gotta say
    0:25 though that it is showing these
    0:29 accumulations this bowl accumulation and
    0:33 they're very similar lows here until a
    0:37 break above this level would be a buy
    0:41 signal and the forecast would say it's
    0:47 going to be in the next month it will be
    0:52 coming up to test these levels it just
    0:56 looks that way to me
    Trading Expanse on Poloniex, March 25 2017
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