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  • Trading Factom on Poloniex

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    FCT Factom
    FTC - Trading Factom on Poloniex - March 25/17


    0:00 factum
    0:04 you
    0:17 there's a range a break above that range
    0:18 it's not giving the big real bottom
    0:21 formation that I'm just building
    0:23 momentum to go higher it's ranging if
    0:25 staying in this side this thing so it's
    0:27 not not a real break up buy for me at
    0:31 this point but actually I think it'll be
    0:35 staying inside this range picking and
    0:38 dropping and

    so it's not one for me I'm
    0:42 holding it actually and I've got it
    0:44 ready to be lending
    if it does go larger
    0:47 I think it's gonna stay in that range so
    0:52 now
    Trading Factom on Poloniex, March 25, 2017
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