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Factom EDA – A Vision of the Future

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  • Factom EDA – A Vision of the Future


    There is a lot of talk about scalability, sharding, and how to get factomd to the next level. What I want to talk about in this blog is skipping past all those steps in between and start right at the end: a fully customizable, modularized, shardable factom node.

    This is not meant to be a proposal of things we should implement in factomd right now, it is an idealistic vision of the future that doesn’t account for hardware limits or optimizations. The haute couture of programming — not something meant to be implemented but rather to inspire goals and trends.

    Factom EDA

    The foundation of extendable modularization is a unified message bus. All modules should be able to react … Read the rest

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    Factom EDA – A Vision of the Future
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