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Gossip Analysis and Optimization

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  • Gossip Analysis and Optimization


    Up until now, I have been relying on legacy values for configuring the P2P 2.0 package I have been working on. These values are:
    • Outgoing: 32
    • Incoming: 150
    • Fanout: 16
    • Rounds: 6

    As far as I know, these values have been selected arbitrarily with the primary goal of ensuring that messages reach as many targets as possible. The drawback is that the more reliability you choose, the more the network will be flooded with duplicate messages. I wanted to find out if these settings make sense for the network and if it is possible to optimize them.

    Since I am a programmer, not a mathematician, I opted to do this through an empirical process.

    Note: All data I used … Read the rest

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    Gossip Analysis and Optimization
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