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LOVE NEO Episode 2: Interview with CryptoFast

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  • LOVE NEO Episode 2: Interview with CryptoFast

    LOVE NEO Episode 2: Interview with CryptoFast

    [IMG]*I4cBJjuoWfKZVJ__BDQL9Q.png[/IMG] better introduce the projects in NEO ecosystem and share the project progress with the community, NEO conducted a series of interviews with the core teams of various projects under the name of LOVE NEO. You can find the edited transcripts of the interview below.
    In this episode of LOVE NEO, let’s welcome a distinguished guest Junyu Zhou, Founder of CryptoFast. Together with the two hosts Nikkor, NEO content operator, and Longfei Wang, NGD blockchain development engineer, you will gain a deeper understanding of the NEO ecosystem from a technical perspective.
    Nikkor: Sitting on the other side of our computer is Junyu Zhou, the Founder of CryptoFast. Mr. Zhou, please say hello to everyone.
    Zhou: Hello everyone.
    Nikkor: Mr. Zhou, can you briefly introduce the CryptoFast project*first?
    Part 1: Introduction to CryptoFast Project

    Zhou: Our entire team got to know about the blockchain quite early and that was at the end of 2017. At that time, we contacted Ethereum and developed a few games on it. The results turned out to be good and we realized that we have an edge over others in developing traditional games. In the aspect of car racing, our team can be recognized as one of the best teams to do realistic racing in China. We have had in-depth discussions with Da Hongfei for a few times, and he thinks that it is pretty promising. And we also believe that it is possible for us to make racing products as NEO’s top products.
    Nikkor: We know that there is a weak connection between blockchain games and reality and as a result, dApps in the blockchain may face a common issue with combining existing businesses and blockchain games organically. So what are your thoughts about this*problem?
    Part 2: Combination of Blockchain and*Gaming

    Zhou: Actually, we have our vision for this space because we believe that we can step into this stage. Unless our game does not have any players, which means there is no commercial value. But as long as we can gather more players in Crypto, which are the targeted users of these advertisers, then there is no difference for the advertisers between advertising here in the game and advertising in other media. It may even be a better substitution, as with the blockchain and the NEO smart economy model, they may also feel that this method of advertising is better for monitoring the data or the effect of the advertisements. More players will get your tokens and turn to you. For example, if you come to my stadium, not only can you get my tokens but my tokens may also be exchanged directly into a discount voucher for a car purchase. Just like if you buy a car outside, there is a 10% discount. When you come to me, one token can pay another 10,000 yuan. In this case, the token is of value. Yes, there must be such a possibility. As long as we can enhance our game ecosystem, it will grow better and*better.
    Nikkor: I believe that the CryptoFast game has its own ecosystem and it is also the existing ecosystem of the NEO community. The combination of our two ecosystems may be conducive to the development and the future of blockchain games.
    Part 3: CryptoFast Design*Ideas

    Zhou: With the concept of “car manufacturer” in CryptoFast, we will sell all the shares of the car manufacturer to the players. Therefore, it is all about the trading between players to get the benefits. And as the main developer, we are involved in providing the underlying tools, as well as boards and samples. So, for us, we won’t make profits from selling*props.
    Nikkor: So in your opinion, do you think that in terms of the development of blockchain games, UGC is the future development trend?
    Zhou: Yes, it is indeed. We must first have PGC before UGC. For example, as I just said, if you intend to build a car, you might need to use 3DMax. The technology we know now is AR and with an AR mobile phone you can shoot the model of the whole car and then, through the rendering of our engine, the player can get the desired car in the game. Actually, we are already doing it*now.
    Nikkor: How long does it take from shooting a car with the phone to turning it into an NFT asset in the*game?
    Zhou: So with the tool that we are developing now, the shooting to the rendering of the engine, it would be quite a short time*. But to be honest, it still requires a lot more development effort. So in the early stage, our team or some PGC team may be more involved in using professional software to draw out the car prototype. But later we will definitely provide such an interface so that the general public can participate.
    Wang: So in terms of the development of blockchain games, how does the blockchain benefit blockchain games? How can we drive the development of the blockchain games*further?
    Part 4: NFT Circulates in the*Game

    Zhou: There may be various games in NEO, such as NEOLand. Using NEOLand as an example, if there is an excellent character, or a particularly good building, or anything that is good or have a good reputation in NEOLand, and we want to introduce them into our racing game, how can we get it done? It’s quite simple, we can have a deep linkage or cooperation with it. We can paint the picture directly onto the bonnet of our racing car. We have also showcased at the event in Tokyo that it is possible to paint on all sides of the*car.
    Wang: Yeah, I am actually in favor of Mr. Zhou’s statement. For NEO, we are very willing to see another game on NFT assets or circulate in other dApps in spite of*games.
    Part 5: Development Progress

    Wang: I know that previously in Tokyo, on our Gamecon event, Mr. Zhou you have showcased CryptoFast, and it attracted the attention of many attendees. So on our side, we are also very excited about the implementation of this project and I’d like to know the development progress of the CryptoFast, or when will the first version be released, Because the community and us, we are all looking forward to it. And after the release of the first version, what would be the next*plan?
    Zhou: There are two focuses on development. The first one is the NFT wallet that we are developing on NEO. The other is the development of the game content. For this, we already have made some achievements. As of now, we are expecting a pre-sale of the first version after developing the NFT wallet. It is expected that at the beginning of May, the first version will be available for everyone to play. After this release, we plan to release a second version before August, which will feature some simple controls. In the future, we will release the third and fourth versions that will bring about a moderate operation.
    Nikkor: Yes, we heard that you might airdrop NFT assets like a car directly into our wallets, and it is said that there is a possibility to airdrop a car in real life,*right?
    Zhou: That’s true since we need some operational activities in the early stage so we hope to get more players by doing this. Not only will you get a car in the game, through either a lottery method, or some other way, we will also be offering some virtual users a car in real*life.
    Nikkor: Let’s talk about a more relaxed topic now. Who do you have a deeper connection with in*NEO?
    Zhou: Of course, it will be Da Hongfei. As I got to know Da Hongfei, and therefore NEO, everything else really just clicked together.
    Wang: Let’s talk a little about the latest expectation. Could you tell us something about the airdrop plan? Like when will it be launched, and how can we participate in the*airdrop?
    Zhou: Here is the thing, the airdrop will definitely start before the game is live. We will connect with the NEO community through some NEO-related media, or some wallet channels, or even some exchanges. As long as you are a user of the wallet, exchange or even the NEO community user, you will have the chance to get such an airdrop. And by then, all you need to do is open your wallet and hey, a car is airdropped into your wallet. Then you can claim the car in the game and play with*it.
    Nikkor: Alright! I think that will be all for today. Thanks to Mr. Zhou for the wonderful sharing. See you next*time!
    Catch up with NEOs*update:
    Weibo: @NEO智能经济

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