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LOVE NEO Episode 3: Interview with NEOLand

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  • LOVE NEO Episode 3: Interview with NEOLand

    LOVE NEO Episode 3: Interview with NEOLand

    [IMG]*I4cBJjuoWfKZVJ__BDQL9Q.png[/IMG] better introduce the projects in NEO ecosystem and share the project progress with the community, NEO conducted a series of interviews with the core teams of various projects under the name of LOVE NEO. You can find the edited transcripts of the interview below.
    In episode 3 of LOVE NEO, the chief planner of NEOLand and NEOWorld, Mai Tian, is invited on to the show and together with the two lovely hosts Nikkor and Longfei Wang, let’s dive deeper into the projects in the NEO ecosystem.
    Nikkor: Hello everyone! Welcome to this episode of LOVE NEO and I am your host,*Nikkor.
    Wang: Hello everyone, I am Wang Longfei your host for LOVE NEO*too.
    Nikkor: Today, sitting on the other side of the computer is the chief planner of NEOWorld, Mai Tian. Hey buddy, please say hello to everyone.
    Mai: Hello everyone! I am Mai Tian, the chief planner of NEOLand and NEOWorld. It’s a pleasure to be here with you*all.
    Nikkor: I believe that our brother here, should be the best looking guests out of the 600 over projects we have interviewed recently. What should we call you? Do you have any preference or how does everyone addresses you?
    Mai: They all call me Mai Tian. So you can just call me Mai*Tian.
    Nikkor: Mai Tian, ​​right, then we will call you*Tian.
    Part 1: Brief Intro to*NEOLand

    Nikkor: Ok Tian, can you give us a brief introduction to the team at NEOWorld, and also who is responsible for*NEOLand?
    Mai: Let me briefly introduce our products first. NEOWorld is a sandbox game that integrates the concept of user creation and management, and also focuses on simulation management. The player can then manage assets and manage traffic in a virtual world of full gaming. At the same time, our game will also rely on a very powerful UGC, namely the User Generated Content function, to enable users to create various materials, scenes and even*games.
    So the difference between NEOWorld and NEOLand is that NEOLand is a huge island outside the main continent of NEOWorld. So, NEO is the only currency on this island. After talking about our products, let me introduce our team briefly. Our team has 20 members now, covering operations, planning, development, and also the art team. We are constantly recruiting new talents to build up the*team.
    Nikkor: Well, Tian, did you major in broadcasting and*hosting?
    Mai: No, I*don’t.
    Nikkor: Then why do you speak Mandarin with a broadcaster accent and perfect pronunciation. Just kidding, don’t mind me.
    Is there any recent progress in NEOLand? Since NEOLand was launched in around January, so what progress has it made so far? Please give us a general introduction.
    Mai: NEOWorld went live on June 22, the middle of last year. As for NEOLand, it is an independent island outside NEOWorld and was only launched in January this year. So according to our statistics, maybe over a thousand of players are in the world of NEOLand to build their own infrastructures and to develop them continuously. And currently, NEOLand is developing smoothly and in a stable condition. Therefore, our operation team will also launch a series of operational activities according to the current economic development of the island, in order to further stimulate the economic construction and development of NEOLand. This time round, we opened the first zone of NEOLand, and soon it will be NEOLand second zone, which is in the process planning.
    Nikkor: This is breaking news, my God!! When will the second version be released? Please tell us something about*it.
    Mai: It should be released soon. We are already planning, and the development is*ongoing.
    Wang: Since NEOLand has been running for a long time, and it’s considered a better project on NEO, can you tell us more about the current data volume, the volume of transactions, and the number of users*etc.
    Mai: I remember that the DAU (Daily Active User) is about one thousand.
    Nikkor: So, when the second island initiates, will there also be an auction process like the first*one?
    Mai: Yes, the whole process should be consistent. There may be some special operational activities.
    Wang: Are there any assets on NEOLand that can be traded on some exchanges?
    Mai: The only thing we can trade on the exchange is the main currency, the main token, including Nash on NEOWorld and NEO on*NEOLand.
    Ni: Tian, do you know that apart from interviewing about the eco-project itself, our show is also large-scale marriage and dating activity? So, do you have a girlfriend yet?
    Mai: No.
    Nikkor: Ok, we will print your personal information on the screen, and the estimated view counts is almost 10 million in the world, I guess you will find a girlfriend soon.
    Mai: Ok, that’s*fine.
    Part 2: Why NEOWorld?

    Nikkor: Do you have any other questions (talking to the director)?
    Director: Why do you choose the name NEOWorld?
    Mai: The word NEO itself, at that time we did not realize that it could be the namesake of the current NEO. And NEO itself means brand new, or something along the lines it. Then NEOWorld gives a grand feeling. Then we decide to choose NEOWorld.
    Nikkor: Well, thank Mai Tian for your true, sincere sharing. Tian, bye*bye~
    Mai: Ok, thank*you~
    Catch up with NEOs*update:
    Weibo: @NEO智能经济

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