NEO Founder Erik Zhang: The change I want to see is more diversified blockchain applications

[IMG]*DU8zi3DWPlKXfHBcX3wGYw.jpeg[/IMG]AMA with Erik Zhang on Hacker*NoonOn Tuesday, July 2nd at 7:30 PST, Erik Zhang participated in an AMA hosted by Hacker Noon, a media platform known for its coverage of trending tech topics and developments, ranging from blockchain to*AI.
Throughout the AMA, NEO3 was a key topic of interest. Erik responded by noting that, “We are currently working on NEO3 which is ready for large scale commercial applications. NEO3 will catalyze a shift towards a smart economy by providing an even more open platform that will empower blockchain developers with improved scalability, functionality, and user experience.”
Moreover, Erik also reflected on the blockchain industry’s development during the first half of 2019, noting the rise of various prominent projects. As one of China’s leading blockchain projects, NEO is committed to delivering commercial blockchain applications, a sentiment Erik echoed while stating that, “I think large-scale commercial applications have these characteristics: high reliability, high throughput, and big data. NEO3 is designed to meet these characteristics. I expect large-scale commercial applications in all industries to be developed on*NEO3.”
Nevertheless, NEO remains committed to its ecosystem even as it enters a new chapter of development. Underscoring this commitment, Erik asserted that, “NEO is an open source project with a large and international community” which is unrestrained by national boundaries. Highlighting its ecosystem commitment, NEO recently launched its EcoBoost initiative alongside NEO3. To bolster its ecosystem, EcoBoost is exciting the NEO community while advancing blockchain innovations and developments.
Regarding recent blockchain trends — namely Facebook’s recently launched Libra — Erik expressed his hope to seeing the development of more diversified blockchain applications such as stable coin projects.
Moving forward, NEO is set to embark on a new chapter of its development journey with NEO3 and EcoBoost. With these initiatives, we look forward to realizing a new era of blockchain adoption!

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