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  • Trading Golem on Poloniex

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    GNT Golem
    GNT - Trading Golem on Poloniex - March 25/17 - featuring the amazing Coinigy Charts

    0:00 Golem does not fit into my thing

    0:01 I also own it
    0:04 I've made my money back
    0:06 on it so we'll take a look at that chart

    0:08 gmt it's so new one month so i did buy
    0:14 into some hear about the 2002 satoshi level
    0:17 level and i put my sell at the
    0:18 four thousand satoshi level for half
    0:20 with my purchase

    so i got all my money back that I put into it and I still own some of them

    And that's it, i'm not doing anything with this market now
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