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  • Where to learn more about Golem

    You can imagine that Golem is some kind of extension of ethereum that will bring market for sharing computing power to the table.
    We are quite convinced that not so far into the future internet will be much more decentralized than it is today and this will require new infrastructure

    Golem is developing solution to this problem
    to decentralize computation

    golem is a new way of distributing computing between
    computers over the public network where
    users can sell the redundant computation
    power the users who need it

    this means
    that you can compute your task on other
    people's machine technically golem is a
    peer-to-peer network meaning that users
    join on equal basis and there's no
    central authority or no one is more
    important than anyone else

    you can use
    going percentage computation for AI
    artificial intelligences requires quite
    a lot of computation in distributed you
    can split it into small tasks

    Golem will put it together weather
    modeling folding proteins research for
    new medicals are even
    mining cryptocurrencies

    I would say that
    the sky's the limit distributed

    we want to give
    you a possibility of using the power of
    computers around you contributed to the
    network by other people or neighbors or
    people living in the same country or in
    the same continent for money so you pay
    them for using de computers and

    this is where golem with its significantly lower
    prices will be and very a very attractive alternative

    other users in need of additional computing power will pay for using other users computers

    the economics of our business model
    comes down to commissions for every
    transaction between users of gollum
    network so this means there will be a
    fee on every completed computing tests
    are on every unit of time software as a
    service is applied to complete these

    users can join column to become
    producers or consumers of computational
    resources or to switch between the two
    roles this means that we will join the
    market of software as a service and
    infrastructure as a service which could
    potentially grow by 40 billion dollars
    over the next few years

    just the idea that you could rent your
    idle computing resources for money seems
    to be a very obvious way of organizing
    internet but that is the technical part
    that is difficult

    this is what we spent last year on the first one is
    transaction system in private system for
    micro transactions the transaction fees
    with even with Bitcoin are so large that
    they will sum up to a mount that is
    bigger than the payment okay so we have
    to come up with some micro payment

    we're going to ethereum is a
    new blockchain technology that can be
    used to implement a contract that would
    using some sort of lottery send the
    money to participants user that has to
    pay organizes a lottery in which only
    one participant gets paid this lottery
    approach may seem unfair for most the
    participants but if a user takes part in
    a lot of lotteries over a period of say
    few weeks then over time the long run
    her income would be predictably the same
    as if she were paid small amounts each
    time provided that you still take part
    in computation that should make people
    more interested in taking part in it
    with it.

    there will be a
    problem with an / users for example we
    can imagine situation where they're in
    the network our users who wants to be
    want to be paid but they don't want to
    compute anything or they just send
    around results we implement trunking
    protocol but especially for them so that
    they won't take part in computation

    the network in general you know that they
    can appear from time to time but we have
    to get rid of them as soon as possible
    so that other participants simply can do
    their job

    at the end of the day we hope that
    Gollum will not only give scientists and
    businessmen new way of doing computation
    but will also change the way internet is working

    Golem for me is a challenge it's
    a very challenging problem but the
    problem that we know how to solve

    yeah it's undertaking that I believe can
    result in something spectacular
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    How to set up a GOLEM Wallet

    Golem is a token on the Ethereum Blockchain - so is all you need
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