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  • Trading Hunter Coin on Poloniex

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    HUC Huntercoin
    HUC - Trading Hunter Coin on Poloniex - March 25/17 - featuring Coinigy Charts

    0:00 Huntercoin one year

    okay when i zoom
    0:07 out far enough and see some of this far
    0:10 history of Huntercoin and now at this
    0:13 view level you can see these big buys
    0:16 coming in big buys big buys in July and
    0:18 October of last year and we saw this
    0:21 trend upward so it's really hard to see
    0:24 without that for perspective we can see
    0:29 that there is a trend upward here and
    0:31 then our friendly trend downward as
    0:35 Bitcoin was mooning so we're going to
    0:38 the one-year deal this again

    now we're
    0:42 seeing our 1-2-3 bottom formation
    0:44 shaping up here... I would say we are
    0:56 starting to show a pretty significant
    0:59 trend in a longer term bigger view
    1:02 knowing that there is a greater feature
    1:07 our greater potential for this coin

    1:10 I want to do on my prediction

    1:24 there's another three hundred percent
    1:26 thing in the next I'll give it two
    1:30 months
    HUC - Trading Hunter Coin on Poloniex - March 25/17
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