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Trading LBRY Credits on Poloniex

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  • Trading LBRY Credits on Poloniex

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    LBC LBRY Credits
    LBC - Trading LBRY Credits on Poloniex - March 25/17 - featuring Coinigy Charts

    0:00 library credits. love it. this one I called
    0:03 out I don't own any or maybe a little
    0:05 bit not enough

    three month view so I
    0:09 called this one out in here 1230 she
    0:15 went and then I said afterwards look
    0:17 we've already had the gong show like it
    0:18 already told us that it's changing
    0:21 directions and now we have it again

    0:23 wee little one two three bottom
    0:25 formations, strong move a little one two
    0:28 three bottom formation strong loop and
    0:30 that's turning into a bigger one two
    0:33 three bottom formation in the longer term
    0:36 charts

    so we really have to zoom out on
    0:38 this one for a while to see a parallel
    0:42 lines and how important these ranges are
    0:47 right now for library credits

    so a break
    0:51 above this is going to take us to really nice

    1:03 so if I could just take this
    1:12 move over 30 days three hundred percent

    1:18 I'll give myself 40 days but three
    1:21 hundred percent of what I'm thinking and

    1:22 that looks like nothing you're just
    1:25 coming up to the resistance in the in
    1:27 the past so this is actually a favorite
    1:33 market not just tentative
    Trading LBRY Credits on Poloniex - March 25, 2017
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