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I just installed the LBRY Client, now what?

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  • I just installed the LBRY Client, now what?

    Getting started to test out publishing on LBRY as another source of digital currency income... I just received my early access code, so I downloaded the client.

    Then I'm wondering what to do next. So - off to YouTube I go - seeking tutorials to learn from and share.

    Tobiasz gives me video-production envy! And a good basic explanation of LBRY in laymen terms.

    Presently - it is slim pickin's to find a LBRY tutorial on YouTube... so I think I'll create a video screenshare and fumble through the process.

    I'm pretty certain that LBRY will quickly find a mass of content publishers. The network is decentralized and uncensored - and so I'm certain that shady content will be the first wave of publishing... it will get a bad name in the short run, and after a few years, some mainstream famous person will add it to their income stream and make instant millions - then the big wave of legit users will begin to populate the network -

    meh - easy to speculate... time will tell.

    At any events, I am interested in learning how to provide computing power and storage for the network, and earn passive coin... have not found that information yet.
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    Follow along as I publish my first video on LBRY!

    How to Publish On The LBRY Network


    and the cover image was published via

    More about trading LBRY Credits on Poloniex as a speculator

    Go directly to the source

    Friday July 21st of 2017

    I just received a welcome notification from LBRY they give me my early access code so that I can get started with publishing on LBRY.

    I downloaded the client for Windows and I have it opened it up.

    Then I'm going through the frequently asked questions to figure out how do I operate this.

    how do I publish?

    So the first thing I need to
    do is to transfer some money to my
    LBRY credits wallet

    I bought LBRY Credits coins on Poloniex that I will send here.

    and then the next part is to publish so
    1. I'm going to publish some of the historical cryptocurrency trading videos for free and
    2. I'm going to purchase an identity here get myself set up
    3. I'm also going to reserve an address for all the content that I'll be sharing over time

    So then - I'm thinking that I will do regular publishing here and leave it available for purchase and see how that goes as a way of making some money from publishing on the library Network.

    Publish Under Multiple Identities

    I'll also check out the options of checking as creating multiple identities and publishing different contents under different identities

    UnCensored, but Not Anonymous

    I know that this is an uncensored network, and so as a user, we're going to have the opportunity to find things, or run into things, that would just not be available on any other platform...

    So it's going to be an interesting Wild West of the Internet and it should be pretty wild to see what actually goes on here and find out if this helps me earn more money from this content then YouTube does...

    Publishing a Video on the LBRY Network

    so here we have it for I've transferred over 95 credits just so I start off with a base of 100 credits and then over time I can see how much do I spend on this up and how much do I even make from it

    so I'll go dopey I am in the wallet section here where I received this and the transaction came into the pending queue it like really fast -- before I can tell people in the live chat for this was already pending...

    so now I want to go to the publish part and figure this out ... so first of all I'm going to create a new identity and I will pay 10 because that's what they suggest there so digitalcurrencytraders just the same as my website address...

    I'm going to create this identity and see if I'm doing this in the correct order so I earned 3 for creating a publisher ID and anybody can purchase this and outbid me on this just by putting in more than the 10 coins that I put in and then I would get my 10 coins back and your coins would be up in escrow to hold that so where should this permanently reside

    let's take a look at how this works

    ok so here we go i updated the details on the title and then more details on what's in the content itself this webinar - now I see here - so I went to this website and I see that it is set up to work with LBRY Terms of Service.

    File upload completed and then when this is published to LBRY, I will get that URL and I could put it.

    ok, so I can double check this license - it's copyrighted...

    (I don't know if that makes any difference here)

    now what I wanted to do in the beginning was to name this: how I earned more than 25 thousand dollars in free Bitcoin for this webinar --- but, instead, I'm going to name it The Simple steps to wealth with cryptocurrencies and see what goes on...

    so... I agree to the LBRY Terms of Service ... when I open that up in another browser here that comes up here for us it's

    I have the right to publish what I'm publishing... whatever it is, I guess.... you absolve any legal obligations... bla bla

    My thinking is - and please correct me if I'm wrong - because I had a very specific code when I signed up, I believe that everything that you're doing on this network is very traceable and if you're putting up, or downloading illegal things - it'll be really easy to trace it back to you.

    this is not an anonymous system as far as I know

    so that's it!

    now we have this up as my first publication on LBRY and this file is pending confirmation publish content now!

    Can You Visit an LBRY URL in your normal chrome web browser?

    I can copy and paste this and share it and I don't know if this will work in a regular browser so let me go to a in new window paste that in over there and see what happens


    The answer is: NO, a regular web browser will not load up lbry:// content. Instead, Google comes up with a search saying no results found for it...

    ...some of my keyword phrases are being picked up in every place I'm putting them so that's pretty interesting...

    we'll see how this goes over time

    so there's my first publication on a library and I will definitely give you guys an update on this and share this under the video

    thanks again for watching and I hope this is helpful for you guys out there

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