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  • Leave YouTube For Good - And For Better

    This morning I received a really phishy looking email - but the link looked legit...

    but instead of clicking on it - I went to the website and started reading the recent news.

    And sure enough!

    The promotion is legit and professional - I'm just a hard skeptic about clever sounding scams.

    Leave YouTube in one click
    1. Clicking below will authenticate with YouTube and grant permission for your content to be available on the decentralized LBRY network. You may revoke this permission and unpublish* your content at any time.
    2. Our team will automate publishing your content to LBRY. When it's done, you'll receive a notification and a login to review, update, and manage it.
    What's Wrong With YouTube?
    I have no beef with a free service that lets me smoothly reach a specific audience - I am a big fan of YouTube, and respect they are a centralized technology for-profit business that strives to comply with government laws within each jurisdiction.

    And I also have tried Vimeo Pro - but my videos had a fucking captcha before you could watch them...

    Recently I've been learning more about posting cryptocurrency videos on DTube and Steemit - and have to say the experience has been smooth and makes some money.

    I started on LBRY and then stopped

    As I remember, I was lost when trying to search and find content... the URL nomenclature is not like we are accustomed to with the http protocols - and I gave up with frustration...

    But it's time for me to find my login details and see if I can get back into the account I created.

    I'll get to see if the videos that I uploaded there have gained any attention - learn more about what others are doing within the platform - and mostly, find out if there is a way to search for content.

    Are you on LBRY?

    Do you have a blog post or video to recommend that teaches more about LBRY?

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