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LBC Trading - Time to invest in LBRY Credits Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

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  • LBC Trading - Time to invest in LBRY Credits Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

    LBC Trading and LBRY Credits Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 29 2018

    Trading LBC, LBC charts,

    LBC explained
    LBC price chart

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    in this video we'll take a look at the
    long-term price charts of library
    credits to see if it may be in a bottom
    formation that's ready to be rebuilt
    from here

    when we go back to 2017 we
    can see that March and April saw this
    bottom formation and a rising trend
    until a big run-up in June and July of
    2017 like many of the alts did.

    then we
    saw this long downtrend until November a
    capitulation low in December at about
    the same time as all the other alts
    which is good to see that following the

    we see that the prices rose up
    into January early February and then
    we're on a downtrend we saw a little bit
    of strength from April till May which is
    the same pattern as many of the other

    Then the continuation of the
    downtrend until we are now.

    when we zoom into this market, it's not looking as
    good as some of the others for a
    turnaround right now.

    we saw a
    potential turnaround right here in July
    until the beginning of August but his was a fake-out breakout and
    prices broke pretty strongly out of that
    now like many of the other alts we saw a
    low here but this didn't make it slow
    just at the same time as Bitcoin - instead it is continued to slide off

    so though I
    do own some library credits it's not
    giving me the turnaround type of feeling...
    it's not matching what bitcoin is doing
    it's not making a one two three bottom
    formation and even as we zoom into the
    one month view the moving averages
    haven't crossed over yet.

    but it is
    making a bowl a potential for the
    beginning of a bowl-shaped turnaround so
    I'm watching it

    I do own some of it but
    it's not jumping out at me as one of the
    ones that is ready for a big turnaround.

    it doesn't seem like this technology has
    the backing and the interest of a lot of
    investors right now so I'll watch this
    market it does have potential to make
    some huge moves and I do like the
    technology and I own some of the coin
    I'm on
    Network and interested
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    Live price chart for LBC - 1 day bars by default
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