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Announcing Lisk Bug Bounty Program

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  • Announcing Lisk Bug Bounty Program

    Announcing Lisk Bug Bounty Program

    [IMG]*9Znc7SoaiVr-jHzXNJ6ixg.png[/IMG]Announcing Lisk’s Bug Bounty*Program

    Here at Lisk, we take the security of our network with the highest possible priority. As an open-source project, we greatly value our community’s contributions to the mission of building and maintaining a secure network. This is why we are pleased to announce the start of our official Bug Bounty Program as of November 1. The more eyes on the code the*better!
    From today, we will start offering rewards for bugs or security flaws identified on Lisk Core and reported to us according to the guidelines included in this blog post. Bug bounty tiers will be assessed and rated by our security team along the following scale (all bounties are priced in Euros, but paid out in*LSK):
    • LOW: €200
    • MEDIUM: €1500
    • HIGH: €2500–5000
    • CRITICAL: Determined on a case-by-case basis
    In order to be eligible for the Bug Bounty*Program:

    • Send an in-depth explanation via email, along with your estimation of the severity of the bug based on the tiers above. We will only accept submissions through this email — bugs reported via GitHub, or any other channel will not be accepted.
    • Do not maliciously initiate an exploit on the Lisk*network.
    • Do not disclose the vulnerability publicly on any channels prior to authorization from the Lisk*team.
    Please note, the Lisk Bounty Program is not open to current or previous Lightcurve employees or their associates, we may require additional information from the bounty applicant to verify*this.
    Be aware that this segment of the Bug Bounty Program concerns issues identified in Lisk Core. In 2019 we will extend it further to accommodate the full suite of our products. Let’s build the future together!
    The Lisk*Team

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