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We Are Discontinuing Lisk Nano — Here’s Why

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  • We Are Discontinuing Lisk Nano — Here’s Why

    We Are Discontinuing Lisk Nano — Here’s Why

    [IMG]*-YpdZ_DpVdHYppkKMLFYEA.png[/IMG]We Are Discontinuing Lisk Nano — Here’s*Why

    Lisk Nano will be discontinued on November 14 at 12:00PM CET, as Lightcurve frontend teams focus on expanding Hub and Mobile. Nano’s code will be moved to an archived, public repository but will not be maintained by the Foundation or its contractors.
    Here at Lisk, we’re big believers in the part immersive user interfaces and experience will take in achieving global blockchain adoption. As with the boom of the Internet era, the general audience will be key in legitimising the technology through mainstream use. With this in mind, the Lisk Foundation has put great importance on creating industry-leading wallets and dashboards for all types of users to interact with our network and utility token, LSK. The first standalone product of the frontend branch of Lightcurve’s development was Lisk Nano. As previously announced, on November 14 12:00PM CET we will be discontinuing the support of Nano and focusing our efforts on the development of Lisk Hub and*Mobile.
    Lisk Nano
    Nano was first rolled out in August 2016. With five minor and two major releases in 2017 and 2018, 3552 commits from 20 contributors, 511 merged pull requests and 510 closed issues, it was the only official standalone wallet to manage LSK tokens or take part in our consensus algorithm for almost two years. We have announced the release of Lisk Hub at our February Relaunch event, which marked a new step in our journey to deliver user interfaces. During that period, we also disclosed our plans to eventually discontinue Nano and focus our work on new frontend products.
    Lisk Hub
    First released in February 2018, Hub uses the logic for basic functionalities developed for Lisk Nano like transactions, voting for delegates and account creation, but expands on them in a variety of ways. The Hub is a collaborative effort of Lightcurve frontend development teams and specialist UX/UI contractors aimed at pushing its appeal beyond blockchain insiders and encouraging mainstream use. The design is slicker and has space for more features. Some already exist, for example exploring our blockchain, keeping up-to-date with the network’s updates, or following specific addresses. Hub’s design also allows us to easily implement more network features in the future, such as ICO registration and promotion. The amount of work that has already been put to Hub is incomparable to Nano. Even though it is less than a year old, Hub’s repository boasts over 7000 commits, 620 closed pull requests and 686 closed*issues.
    Lisk Mobile
    Announced at our Berlin Meetup on October 2018, Mobile retains basic functionalities of a wallet provided by Lisk Nano and extends them to smartphone users for a more casual, on-the-go experience. It already has such mobile user-friendly features such as biometric authentication, a QR code scanner, or passphrase backup.
    What’s next?
    So what exactly will happen to Nano? On November 14, we will remove it from our website and officially stop maintaining the code. As Lisk is fully open-source, Nano’s code will remain public for community to make use of for any third party applications they plan to develop. Please be aware that we do not officially endorse usage of Nano from that point and recommend downloading latest versions of Lisk Hub and Lisk Mobile. We look forward to keep delivering on our promise of creating industry-leading user interfaces.
    The Lisk*Team

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