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Development Update — November 29, 2018

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  • Development Update — November 29, 2018

    Development Update — November 29, 2018

    [IMG]*UlSjgqtUclk_dqD_[/IMG]Development Update — November 29,*2018

    Hi Liskers,
    As usual, it’s been a busy couple of weeks for Lightcurve Development teams. Aside from the unveiling of our Development Roadmap and the opening of the Lisk Improvement Proposal process, development work has continued uninterrupted. We have released Lisk Core 1.3.0, Elements 1.1.3, Mobile 0.6.0 and Explorer 2.1.8. Check out the full rundown*below.
    Lisk Core
    1.3.0wasreleased to Mainnet as planned on November 19. 1.3.0 gives node operators the option to use New Relic as a service to monitor node performance. This will be useful for all network stakeholders — delegates, exchanges as well as Lightcurve’s development teams. We have created a dedicated repository for this integration, which will provide you with all the information you need to start experimenting with Lisk Core and New Relic (use of New Relic is strictly optional, of*course).
    1.4.0’s development phase ends soon, with only two issues left to review before it moves to the QA phase. As 1.4.0 already fixes several bugs and contains many improvements, we decided not to include any objectives from the new roadmap. Instead, these objectives will be included in releases following 1.4.0. The documentation of 1.4.0 will also have to be updated, as the whole ‘lisk-build’ repository is now consolidated into ‘lisk’. You can expect a PR in the ‘lisk-docs’ repository soon. In the meantime, work on the objectives stated by the roadmap has already begun — keep an eye and track the progress of ‘Introduce new flexible, resilient and modular architecture’ together with a great Database Layer refactor by checking out the following milestone.
    Lisk Improvement Proposals will help to enrich our network’s development into a diverse and robust blockchain application platform. We will report on their implementation on GitHub and in DevUpdates with each LIP having corresponding milestones. The ‘Projects’ section of our GitHub will reflect the content of releases and consist of issues being part of backlog and milestones. Please read carefully how we intend to notify the community about breaking changes in this dedicated LIP.
    We’ve opened two new milestones, which are the implementation equivalents of LIPs. These are named “Consistent and informative versioning scheme” and “Introduce new flexible, resilient and modular architecture — Phase 1” (also described as ‘Application Architecture’ here). Application Architecture will consist of three phases in total, each of them contained in a separate milestone. The next Lisk Core release, 1.5.0, will contain the first phase of Application Architecture and pressing issues from the*backlog.
    Several issues opened by community members discussing the protocol changes to Lisk Core had been closed. We highly encourage the community to provide the review following the LIPs processes as described in the guidelines and keep the separation between the Lisk Core implementation discussed on the repository.
    Lisk Commander
    2.1.0 is currently in development. It will include features such as being able to get information from the transaction pool, as well as enabling data field when creating transfer transactions. 2.1.0 will also introduce commands to get voters and vote information from the blockchain, as well as more flexibility to fetch transactions from the blockchain.
    Lisk Elements
    1.1.3 was released as a patch in order to fix an issue dealing with a runtime problem in the non-babel environment. Please make sure you are using this version in development.
    2.0.0 is currently in development and will be released as a release candidate next week. It will include a more detailed error message for API errors, an upgrade to Node 8.10, stricter validation when creating transactions, as well as support for sodium-native. It also will include our optional migration to TypeScript migration — read more about this*here.
    2.1.0 is also currently in development. It contains milestones from LIPs “Improve transaction processing efficiency” and “Introduce robust peer selection and banning mechanism”.
    Lisk Hub
    1.7.0 is currently in development. Its features will include implementing a bright background design, giving it more of a desktop look. 1.7.0 will also add a feedback link to the sidebar, which opens up more opportunities for community feedback about our network dashboard’s development. This particular version has also seen a finalized unit test migration to Jest, as well removing of Mocha and Karma. Tests are now 2–3 times faster and easier to*debug.
    Lisk Mobile
    0.6.0 was released and includes a variety of new features. These include a new design of the send screen, which breaks the interface into several pages and introduces bookmarked accounts. We’ve also implemented the FIAT exchange ratio option in the send screen. Now you can choose your preferred currency in the settings page. Lastly, we’ve implemented a QR code scanner for ease of use when signing in using the QR code representation of the users’ passphrase. This will be used to scan QR codes from the Lisk Hub and a Lisk paper*wallet.
    Lisk Explorer
    2.1.8 was released on Mainnet. This release integrates usage of statistics and a*heatmap.
    2.2.0 is currently in the development phase. It will include a few usability changes and a slightly updated design. Recently found bugs, some of them submitted by the community are going to be resolved. It will include many improvements such as pagination, filtering, account view, and better support for multi-signature accounts.
    Thanks for keeping up with the latest developments here at Lightcurve. We look forward to sharing with you what the next two weeks will bring mid-December.
    The Lisk*Team

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