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Benedikt Schuppli Joins the Lisk Foundation’s Board

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  • Benedikt Schuppli Joins the Lisk Foundation’s Board

    Benedikt Schuppli Joins the Lisk Foundation’s Board

    [IMG]*V4vGidnQMutenrpo[/IMG]We want to welcome Benedikt Schuppli to the board of the Lisk Foundation. With a professional career at the intersection of law and blockchain, as well as a history of freelance legal work for Lisk, Benedikt has joined the Foundation’s board at the beginning of the new*year.
    Benedikt brings substantial experience in law, banking, blockchain and much*more.

    Benedikt has worked in a variety of thriving industries. He has finished his Masters in Law at the University of Zurich. Shortly after, he was admitted to the Bar as an attorney. His professional experience spans multiple sectors, ranging from Swiss private banks to public administration. In recent years, Benedikt focused primarily on the nascent blockchain industry. He was the Chief Legal Officer for Lykke, a Swiss-based cryptocurrency exchange. He also advised a number of successful blockchain startups on legal and regulatory matters. Furthermore, he’s authored papers on smart contracts and on blockchain and the law, as well as spoke on the topic at industry events including Blockchain Live in London. Currently, aside from contributing to the Lisk ecosystem as its board member, Benedikt has co-founded a project developing a smart contract programming language for*lawyers.
    He has been involved with Lisk since the early*days.

    Apart from his industry expertise, Benedikt brings with him an in-depth knowledge of the Lisk ecosystem. Benedikt was an early community member and adopter of the LSK token. He has started to contribute professionally to Lisk as early as 2017 as its freelance legal*advisor.
    He will help the Foundation’s board in regulatory and strategic matters.

    Benedikt will use his experience in and knowledge of Lisk to help the Foundation oversee regulatory matters as well as provide strategic advice. As an early blockchain enthusiast and believer, his personal goal is also to ensure “the spirit of decentralization” remains in the*project.
    Benedikt’s joining follows the departure of Pascal Schmid from the board, due to the Foundation’s parting of ways with Sielva Management SA.
    We want to give him a warm welcome to the Lisk Foundation and are looking forward to the great work we will do together.
    The Lisk Foundation
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