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Everything you need to know about Lisk Research

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  • Everything you need to know about Lisk Research

    Everything you need to know about Lisk Research

    [IMG]*Re32_DA_sfL5QMcbMlaOVg.png[/IMG]We have moved the LIP discussion to Lisk Research starting today. Lisk Research is supported by Discourse, a long-form discussion platform and enhances the debate with a much more inclusive and intuitive user experience. The existing discussion on the Mailing List has been moved to the new platform and the mailing list will remain in a read-only state.
    Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIPs) provide the scientific backbone to the development of the Lisk network. Introduced in late 2018, LIPs form a proposal system which allows transparent and open discussion on how the Lisk network is being built. The current LIP process allows us to gather feedback on proposals on how to tackle roadmap objectives and much more. The proposals can be submitted by anyone, provided that they correctly follow our official guidelines. In the true spirit of the open-source ethos however, it is as important for us to gather feedback about roadmap objectives as it is about the LIP process itself. We are very happy to announce that after receiving community feedback, we are discontinuing the LIP mailing list and introducing a new platform for discussion, Lisk Research. As of today, the existing discussion on the old platform has been moved to the new platform and the mailing list will remain in a read-only state, with all new submissions receiving an e-mail about the new platform.
    Lisk Research ensures an inclusive and user-friendly LIP experience.

    Lisk Research is supported by Discourse, an open-source platform which provides forums for long-form discussion. The introduction of the new landing page makes participating in the LIP process much more accessible. Apart from the obvious benefits of a much cleaner and user-friendly interface, there are a few main reasons for why this particular platform will help community members participating in the LIP process. Firstly, it supports two distinct typesetting systems, LaTeX and Markdown. These, along with visual features such as Graphviz diagram support, allow all LIP champions and discussion participants to include compelling and educational infographics to support their proposals.
    [IMG]*bZaqdzJ2MLa6zA4M[/IMG]Extended visual options allow LIP Champions a more compelling medium for their proposals.The handy categorization system allows all proposals and discussions to be organized by themes such as Transactions, Cryptography, Economics and so*on.
    [IMG]*JBwwPi_4xHEXk-ez[/IMG]Discussions are now neatly organized and easy to*follow.There are also several features which allow the moderators to manage topics and posts, while at the same time providing full transparency to the reader about all changes have been made and why. Lastly, Lisk Research allows the users to only follow specific topics or categories that they are most interested in. In this way, Lisk Research’s users can customize what notifications they*receive.
    Switching to Lisk Research is all about inclusion.

    The decision to switch to the Discourse platform had two main foundations. On one side, we received significant feedback from community members which implied the Mailing List is not the most inclusive and seamless experience for ensuring LIP participation. Secondly, we realized that while the mailing list is an industry standard for improvement proposals for othermajor networks such as Bitcoin, we can enhance and streamline the debate by changing to a more modern user interface of Discourse.
    The LIP Process will still apply to Lisk Research.

    The LIP Process is designed to strike a fine balance between the inclusion of valuable community opinions and continuing to reach the objectives of our development roadmap in a timely manner. Introduction of Lisk Research is meant to help all LIP champions participate in the debate, both by submitting their own proposals and giving feedback on the existing documents. The rules of discussion remain as follows — Lightcurve DevOps are the administrators of Lisk Research, while Lightcurve Scientists are its moderators. The latter will be moderating the content in the spirit of keeping the conversation within guidelines and centering around the technical and scientific development of the Lisk network. More information on posting can be found here and on the LIP process here. We hope that the switch to Lisk Research will allow more community members to get a clearer insight, or even contribute to, the ongoing scientific debate. Let’s build the future, together!
    The Lisk Foundation
    Check out Lisk Research and get involved in the debate*today.
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