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LTC Trading - Time to invest in Litecoin Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

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  • LTC Trading - Time to invest in Litecoin Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

    LTC Trading and Litecoin Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 29 2018

    Trading Litecoin, LTC charts,

    LTC explained
    LTC price charts

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    in this video we'll take a look at the
    long-term price charts for litecoin and
    see if it's at a potential turnaround
    formation spot right now

    so if we look through 2017 prices were on a pretty
    steady downtrend until March and April
    where most all of the other altcoins
    made some big surges up in 2017

    litecoin was very volatile it went way
    up in June way down in July way up until
    August and unlike many of the other

    Litecoin didn't just do a slow and
    steady downtrend through 2017
    it really ranged around a lot but it did
    make its lows in November and then it's
    new capitulation low in the middle of
    December like many of the other alts

    it also made a big run up through January
    as many of the other alts did - but it
    peaked even higher into March and April
    then we went on a pretty steady

    that's actually significantly
    different than what Bitcoin did.

    it made a high here it went even higher
    and then really faded off

    this was an
    important break as prices came below
    these historical levels and went down
    from there.

    if we zoom into the 12
    hour bars now we're seeing that litecoin,
    like most of the other alts, made a low
    in the 13th or 14th of august which is
    fantastic to see it marking along like that

    now as Bitcoin has been showing strength
    litecoin has been making a bottom
    formation and a bit of a triangle
    formation here that it's actually
    starting to break through that down

    if we zoom into the one
    month and we're looking at the four hour
    bars now it gets to be more clear that
    we have a 1-2-3 formation
    shaping up here

    prices are showing
    strength and a turnaround but the moving
    averages have not yet crossed over.

    it's looking pretty good, especially
    since it's timed along here with Bitcoin
    but it may not be as ripe as some of the
    other alts for a big turnaround yet.

    it's hard to say because... let's
    zoom back out, and we we can see that
    we're at really important historical
    levels now so that is important to pay
    attention to as well

    to see what prices
    have been doing through history at this
    level really key points all the way
    along here so now that it's making this
    bottom formation where it is and
    bitcoins doing its turnaround

    I am
    holding some litecoin and have been
    accumulating it for a while throughout
    this downtrend and looking forward to
    see what happens with this over the next
    few months.

    Trading Litecoin
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    Live price chart for Litecoin (LTC) - 1 day bars by default
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