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What's the hype with maid???

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  • What's the hype with maid???

    I don't follow this coin or have much knowledge on It, Can anyone enlighten me to what is good about it and what news is coming?? I always find it hard to get my head around coins with colossal supply and often find them overpriced. Maid has 452 million coins, any one or a number of people could crash the markets in a touch of a button. Just my thoughts.

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    Well i have picked it because it has high volume of trading say it was among the top10 for the last month, its lending rate is fabulous when it is on the rise , it was generally a buyers market where total buy/sell total demand ratio was close to 1 but now it is sinking and i can't "take my losses" in expectation of some reversal of trend


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      Hi, welcome.
      Maybe rule one was not applied by yourself correctly, I could see the top at 20k now back at 15k. But I guess it's easier for me to see these things when I'm not in that market.


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        Exactly, i should have closed the position as soon as it went below a stop loss value but i have not inserted one


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          If you know prices are going back up at some stage apply now rule 2 in reverse and add to your coin if u really believe in it.


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            I recently bought a position in maid on Jan 12 - because of the bottom formation, (been lending the whole while) and because I think the safe network technology will generate a frenzy when it goes live make this coin go up 10x or more. And Cointrader you are right. In my case NOW is my Rule #2 moment.

            Other trades of mine have not been as successful - I'm bagholding a range of recent entries. Journal entry to follow.

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              But I first started really watching maid prices closely in the summer of 2015.

              Here is some interesting data about the total number of MAID holders, and a list of the top 50 accounts.


              And we can see some important RECENT activities in some long-dormant accounts:

              THIS is a HUGE MAID WHALE that has been getting active:


              Some others



              We can see some big money moving!

              As for the rest of the list

              Many of them were created in April of 2014 - with just over 1 million maidsafe coins.
              1 million Maid are presently worth 147 bitcoin, or $170,000ish

              Throughout 2015, Maidsafe trades were ranging about 4000 satoshi, and bitcoin was valued at $230 USD, so the 1 mil maid was worth 40 btc - and had a value of $9200

              So far, their 10k investment in April of 2014, has turned into 170k as we are approaching April of 2017 - and, my thinking is, if they sit tight until after the network is launched - they will be multi-millionaires.

              The GREAT thing is - with bitcoin and cryptos - anyone could have micro-invested at any size they could afford - and achieved the same Percentage Gain on your investment.

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                Hi is their an ETA for the network launch? The top addresses are huge, as I said before one touch of a button and she will drop like a stone, these people aren't holding forever they will dump extremely hard when market rises. Would the market recover if one wanted to dump few million in one go?? And that's only one person remember. I don't want to come across negative I'm just being realistic.


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                  Wow , another marvelous information thanks Doug, however it is like learning that a titanic rock is ready to slide onto the road you are about to pass. Do you think they will try to dump in big chunks or have more proffesional approach ? Anyway big dump is on the way


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                    My view is that MAID will go from 15k satoshi to 250k satoshi as the network is launching. It will rise and then crash, then start on a multi-year uptrend.

                    (Remember the 28,000 btc trading volume in Pascal coin when it launched? Madness.)

                    We have a LOT LOT LOT more money in bitcoin-land now, and when a frenzy gets going - the uptrend will take three months to play out.

                    While they could dump hard, they are likely to be selling in stages every time the market surges higher. That is, every time there is a news announcement that makes everyone go wild, the big guys are unloading a bit of their stash. The charts will tell all.

                    Which brings us to the next subject:

                    profit target setting and when to take profits... which is going to be part of the new training series 'How To Trade Crypto's Like A RockStar'!
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                      Time will tell, when I get money freed up over next while I might put some into maid, I never like the fact that a select few own substantial amounts of it. Any ETA of launch? And knowing when to take profits is the most critical part of trading and yet the most difficult for most because people naturally always want more and more profit only to discover it drops hard not long after.