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Breaking News in Maidsafe making prices jump

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  • Breaking News in Maidsafe making prices jump

    with a long term hold strategy- I watch Maidsafe coin prices with interest

    so when prices take a surge - sometimes I go and see what the news was. And I can't wait to look back at these price charts in two years...

    until then, I have one trading account that is hold-for-three-years boring to watch

    another is light of foot - and already has sell orders set - and getting ready to take profits on the pumps, and buy back in on the dips.

    get ready.

    the news is being prepared

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    Click image for larger version

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    maidsafe could see 7-8k sat again.
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      Wasn't far wrong lol


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        As a follow up - I was not anticipating a massive sell-off in Maidsafe when I had posted this thread.

        Of course... hindsight is 20-20, and now that all the altcoins' consolidation patterns have broken lower as bitcoin prices broke above 700USD again... it's clear to see them for the weakness patterns they really were.

        But, at the time, I was certainly not preparing for this WELL KNOWN phenomenon.

        I'm a bit miffed at myself - because I had studied this and made a trading journal video about it after the big crash in altcoin prices that occurred in November of 2015 when Bitcoin Mooned... Here is a low-budget, non-edited hangout that I recorded while reviewing the charts. This video has only been recently released to public... and while the charts are dated, it helps to verify this market correlation and perhaps I'll be better prepared for the next time.

        Because there will be a next time.

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          Maid is one to buy maybe after Christmas, I think this downward trend could last another while to shake out holders before another pump.


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            You really nailed the call on MAIDsafe!

            I did not sell out - but instead have been buying more as prices made consolidations and bottoms recently.

            The Dec 13 Dev Update has some great detail - not sure when the network will officially launch, but the Market Cap data shows a divergence that is exciting for me. I'm holding and have all my MAID prepared to lend out to the gamblers who like to short rising markets.

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              yeah maid could return back to near 20k prices, or it could drop further in price, with btc rise a lot of alts suffer big time