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  • Where to find out more about MaidSafe

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    Published on Nov 23, 2015
    A high level overview of the SAFE Network

    Today almost all our personal data essentially stored and controlled by large technology companies.

    These companies can read our data, corrupt or delete it at will -

    and many choose to sell a private information for huge profits, or on request, provided to governments...

    often without our knowledge.

    Storing data in central points such as servers, also makes it insecure.

    Reports of stolen credit card details, personal information, photos and passwords for many online accounts are a daily occurrence.

    We deserve a way of sharing and communicating that puts us in control of our own

    Why are todays computer system so vulnerable and unreliable? Because today our internet consists of servers and connected computers in which the files are normally stored in one place as complete files readable by anyone.

    If the walls of system security are penetrated, the data is ripe for the picking. even if the data has been encrypted if it is all-in-one computer a single provider or a local network it can still be stolen or erased.

    Today's data is not physically secured from any third parties there is always somebody who can delete, corrupt, or snoop on you.

    Until Now.

    In the made safe system, data is never vulnerable. As soon as a document is saved, remarkable things happen!

    The data is automatically shredded and encrypted by a unique algorithm that uses the data itself to create the encryption keys required for the very high levels of encryption.

    This data is then distributed intelligently to the network. This network spans the planet, all of this thoroughly encrypted code now resides in several time zones, securely stored in multiple copies in Lock space on other networked computers using a portion of whatever unused hard drive space is available.

    As if the data was transformed into a grain of sand and distributed wherever the wind takes it.

    Far away from prying eyes.

    Can a Cryptocurrency Run Without a Blockchain?! Chat w/ MaidSafe's Paige Peterson

    Published on Mar 16, 2016
    Paige Peterson of MaidSafe raps about Safenet's current status, but the clincher's in the forecast -- MaidSafe devs plan to deploy Safecoin transferability within the network -- without a blockchain. Amanda ponders the implications.

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    the Internet's changing and there is a
    wave of new technologies entering the
    market but most failed to provide the
    levels of privacy and security we should

    the current internet relies on
    centralized servers owned by a few large
    and powerful organizations to host your
    data these central points act as honey
    pots for hackers and advertisers trying
    to monetize your data

    offers a solution to this problem

    is split up and hosted on unused
    capacity of users devices and network is
    created as these devices are linked
    together without central servers

    many decentralized services are built on
    block chains which are an amazing design
    for public Ledger's but terrible mass
    storage containers

    storing data directly
    on the blockchain is prohibitively
    expensive and provides poor read/write
    performance subsequently blockchain
    based storage solutions store a data
    identifiers such as a hash in a
    blockchain but store the data somewhere
    else and this somewhere else still needs
    to be secured

    we should be trying to
    secure the data not the pointer to it it

    is time for a solution that secures both
    the data and the ledger

    this is the safe Network the world's
    first and only autonomous data network

    an autonomous network is not a set of
    servers or own storage locations or
    NORs it is our self-healing
    self-configuring and self-managing
    system similar to a colony of ants

    there is no centralized Authority and
    yet it's highly optimized and effective
    comparative to blockchain mining which
    uses proof-of-work algorithms

    the safe
    network operates on a proof of resource

    farming system users are paid for the
    quantity and quality of storage capacity
    they provide to the network

    time for a
    truly decentralized autonomous internet
    dedicated to the security of your data

    join the safe forum community to find out more
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