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Getting Started with MONERO Anonymous Digital Currency

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  • Getting Started with MONERO Anonymous Digital Currency

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    What is Monero?

    Monero is based on a different technology than bitcoin. Started out based on the CryptoNote protocol - and evolved with some important differences. see

    To most people financial privacy is very important. But banks corporations and even governments are having their records compromised. The undeniable conclusion that is there is no safe place to conduct private transactions.

    Well there wasn't one until now

    Meet Monero.

    Monero is a secure private untraceable currency. With Monero you are your own bank. Only you control and
    are responsible for your funds.

    Monero is private

    Unlike the public ledger of Bitcion, with Monero, businesses can keep their suppliers in secret as well and citizens escape employers and nosy neighbors from knowing how your spend your money.

    Take back control over your Privacy and start using Monero today.

    I did a short video reviewing the CryptoNote technology in the summer of 2016

    As of this writing, I have chosen to set up my first Monero Walley using - while I learn more about installing a wallet on my computer.

    Poloniex is my exchange of choice, where I speculate on the price of Monero. Poloniex also provides opportunity to Trade Monero on Margin - enabling leveraged trading and short selling and is financed by the Monero Lending Market.

    Investors will also find the Market Cap of Monero an important indicator to monitor.

    here is the easiest way to Start Mining Monero with CPU and GPU.
    Trade on Binance - Check out this Crypto Tax Tool

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    yes, im going to get myself a wallet and slowly collect them up, i think i might have said before that XMR is bound to boom bigtime into the future, especially with the "market" that now accepts it if use get my drift. this is what made btc what it is today whether we like it or not. i remember buying my first btc for $10-12 and look at it now fast forward a few years, so same principle will more than likely apply to XMR


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      just bought my first bit of XMR , 1.25 to be exact
      i will be buying XMR every week over the next 12 months.
      and hopefully soon enough get myself mining this coin.